Friday, 18 March 2011


Little rays of sunshine are peeping their way out through the clouds around here. Spring brings with it lots of lovely things; sunshine, flowers, Birthdays (mine & my boyfriend), and also lots of pretty clothes!

These are all things I would absolutely love to have in my wardrobe this Spring. I want to wear that maxi dress to a wedding we're going to in May, but it's a little pricey eh? It's got a gorgeous open back too... Sigh. I love everything from Zara right now, and Modcloth have so many nice dresses, but their shipping charges push the price of everything a little out of reach. Obviously it seems I'm a little obsessed with light dusky pink at the moment! And striped t-shirts are a long term love affair (I might've already ordered that one, oops).

1. Striped bag from H&M £19.99
2. Pink trousers from Zara £25.99
3. Floral dress from Topshop £150 
4. Coral handbag from Topshop £36
5. Dress from Modcloth $39.99
6. Striped t-shirt from Zara £17.99
7. Blue sandals from Topshop £55


  1. love the colour palette in this post! super pretty spring :)

  2. i'm in love with those sandals