Monday, 14 March 2011


1.Triangles quilt 2.Handpainted wood 3.Hermès Fall 2011 4.Brent Hildy  5.Melanie-Mikecz 6. (Ma + Chr)

Triangles seem to be everywhere, and they are so pleasing to my eye. I would love to own that quilt, or even better, make one myself. I need to improve my sewing skills drastically before I can undertake a project like that though! 

Anyway, so I just moved house and now I'm getting settled into my new home. It's really lovely, wooden floors, and very light and sunny. I might take a few photos to show you soon. I took a whole roll of black and white film, sent it off to be developed and it came back totally blank :( so disappointing. I don't know what happened. Ah well I'll put another roll in soon and try again. 

In the mean time here's a drawing I did recently, hope you like it. 

drawn from this picture


  1. That drawing is beautiful xxx

  2. your drawing is wonderful and i love how you included the triangles!

    that's such a shame about the film, i hate when that happens!

  3. Like it? i love it!

    That film incident happened to me with my black and white film as well! I went crazy but eventually had to get over it since there wasn't anything I could do. Cheer up! :)