Saturday, 30 April 2011


I absolutely love these paintings by Russell Leng. I think I'm starting to appreciate abstract art more and more. The brush strokes, colours and shapes are beautiful.

Thursday, 28 April 2011


1. I don't think I could eat from it but I would definitely put it on my wall. 'other planets cannot be as beautiful as this one' plate by rob ryan. I think he's probably right you know, this planet is very beautiful. I think I forget about how beautiful it is during winter when it's too cold to go out, but with spring very much in bloom and summery temperatures here, the planet is looking more lovely all the time.

2. this print workshop book looks pretty awesome, it seems like it has a lot of inspiring techniques and ideas in there. I'd like to add it to my collection of 'arty books' ( & hey if you have any recommendations for  inspiring arty coffee table books let me know, I love them)

3. I am in awe of this beautiful (as always) work by kareena zerefos 

4. the kitschiest tea pot you will ever see? making tea could only be a joy if you were making it in this surely. it would brighten up my morning no end. 

5. LOVE all of the t-shirts from the orphan's arms, definitely need to get my hands on one of them, I haven't decided which one yet though as they're all so pretty. this dusky pink 'follow' tee is calling to me, I can't get enough of that colour. 

6. anja mulder's collections are always so cleverly put together, I find them so wonderful to look at. she really has an amazing eye for composition, have a look at her flickr for more.

7. my amazing bff bought me one of these cath kidston washbags for my birthday after she saw me gaze longingly at hers! I love it. it's totally unashamedly girly.

Friday, 22 April 2011


it was my birthday today! the weather was so beautiful. we went for a picnic in the grounds of an old country house. it was amazing, I had a really lovely day. now I'm just relaxing in preparation for a big birthday barbecue tomorrow!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


there's something about a beautiful nutcase. I love betty draper. I know she's a bit crazy but who can blame her really? she's so very pretty. every outfit and hairdo is just beautiful and perfectly in place, it's kind of like she's pinning down all that frustration.

My mother always said, “You’re painting a masterpiece. Make sure to hide the brush strokes.” - Betty Draper

images from google and hell yes betty draper

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


I wish I was there.

images from and refinery29


very much inspired by the wonderful playlists in the blog world such as those by the lovely miss moss, I thought it would be nice to share some music with you, so I made a playlist! you can download it here. enjoy!

1. crystal fighters - at home
2. beach house - used to be 
3. simon and garfunkel - america
4. fleet foxes - montezuma 
5. dolly parton - jolene
6. CFCF - summerlong
7. gold panda - parents
8. james blake - I never learnt to share
9. fleetwood mac - rhiannon 
10. lykke li - unrequited love
11. menomena - dirty cartoons
12. sufjan stevens - futile devices 
13. warpaint - shadows 

(I hope it works, I've never made a playlist before!) 

Saturday, 16 April 2011


say hello to a new regular feature on my blog! I thought I could do with a teensy bit of structure around here. So this is the good stuff! basically it's just things I like at the moment.

1. how cute are these animal embroidery on etsy? I love interesting embroidery and I'm always after art for my walls. the woman behind these will do custom animals for you too. I want the bear!

2. aah what a beautiful bike. I'm really drawn to the idea of cycling around on a lovely bicycle with a basket on the front. a pashley is the ultimate classic british bike, but the price is way out of my league, so I've been scouring ebay instead. I've never actually had a bike, and I'm not very elegant (a bit clumsy if I'm honest) so my lady like vision may be a tad unrealistic.

3. this pantone mug is pretty. 

4. I need to get my hands on (and my feet into) these wedges from new look. I'm pretty much obsessed with a good wedge at the moment. and these are only £30, not bad. 

5. look at this beautiful buttery soft bag from monserat de lucca! and although this camel colour is my favourite, it comes in six other amazing colours. I'm coveting it very much.  

6. the 1950's benrus sky chief watch. how cool is that name? I want to wear a sky chief watch.. I want to be a sky chief! 

Monday, 11 April 2011

Saturday, 9 April 2011


i was tagged by the lovely and talented faye west to do this meme, so i thought i'd share some answers (and some pictures) with you. i won't tag anyone but if you feel like doing it you should! post a link in the comments if you do so i can have a look!

three names i go by:  i didn't have a name for three whole weeks when i was  born, until my parents finally decided on ismay. my friends call me iz, and my mum calls me blondie.

me & my brothers
 three places i’ve lived in: i've lived in worcester all my life. i've lived in a big tall house with my family. i've lived in the top of a church, with great views but not much else, and now i live in a beautiful house with wooden floors and a blue and white stripy hut in the garden and a fireplace in the bedroom. i'm very happy here.

my parent's house (the grey one)

the view from our old flat
three places i’ve worked (drawn):  i always used to draw in bed, i got ink and paint over all my bedding. i like to draw sitting in the sofa, usually hunched over in some terrible position that gives me neck ache. mostly i sit at my desk in front of the window, but i'm easily distracted by watching the cats in the garden.

three things i love to watch: i love to watch the mad men box set with my boyfriend, i was late to the party with this show. we're on series 3 and i just love it so much, the clothes, the furniture, the man (john hamm). hurry up and make season 5 okay people? i love watching my kitten playing like a lunatic, she's 10 weeks old and she's flippin' gorgeous. i love watching people laugh, especially a group of my good friends having fun together.
me & two beauties

three places i’ve been and loved: it's really hard to choose 3! one of my favourite places in the world is edinburgh. my parents lived there for a long time, and my brother lives there. it's such a beautiful city, the buildings are beautiful, the people are friendly; seriously-bus drivers, taxi drivers, people in shops, they're helpful and just generally nice. it's refreshing! i love italy, especially florence and verona, i would love to go again, it's such an incredibly beautiful country, and the food is good! i also love the south of france (sorry if that sounds poncy). lakes and sunshine and cheese and the beautiful language. i want to go there in a campervan sometime..

when i was little, in france
three people who email me regularly: my brother jake, usually giving me computer help, my mama dearest, and erm... ASOS...

three things i love to eat: wasabi peas, i'm completely addicted to them, can't stop eating them, munch munch munch all the time. it's terrible. i also love pineapple, and pizza! yum.

me and my boy in our garden
three things i’m looking forward to:  going to my friends' studio 54 themed party next week, i'm thinking platforms and jerry hall hair. i'm looking forward to my birthday at the end of the month, and celebrating with drinks and friends and maybe even some bunting. i'm looking forward to seeing what my little kitten is going to look like when she's big. i'm just really curious, what colour her eyes will be and if she'll be fluffy or not. she's a babe.

(all photos mine except the one of edinburgh)