Tuesday, 19 April 2011


very much inspired by the wonderful playlists in the blog world such as those by the lovely miss moss, I thought it would be nice to share some music with you, so I made a playlist! you can download it here. enjoy!

1. crystal fighters - at home
2. beach house - used to be 
3. simon and garfunkel - america
4. fleet foxes - montezuma 
5. dolly parton - jolene
6. CFCF - summerlong
7. gold panda - parents
8. james blake - I never learnt to share
9. fleetwood mac - rhiannon 
10. lykke li - unrequited love
11. menomena - dirty cartoons
12. sufjan stevens - futile devices 
13. warpaint - shadows 

(I hope it works, I've never made a playlist before!) 


  1. wow such great suggestion !
    i'm gonna download them all :D

  2. I love it! and oh, your blog is so wonderful! I don't say that enough. it looks so warm and lovely. I'm so honored you've featured me in it. love to you and Ruby. <3

  3. Hey Ismay. I found your blog through Chloe's I think, but I really like following it :)

  4. oh thanks Jen!! I'm glad you like it :)