Saturday, 16 April 2011


say hello to a new regular feature on my blog! I thought I could do with a teensy bit of structure around here. So this is the good stuff! basically it's just things I like at the moment.

1. how cute are these animal embroidery on etsy? I love interesting embroidery and I'm always after art for my walls. the woman behind these will do custom animals for you too. I want the bear!

2. aah what a beautiful bike. I'm really drawn to the idea of cycling around on a lovely bicycle with a basket on the front. a pashley is the ultimate classic british bike, but the price is way out of my league, so I've been scouring ebay instead. I've never actually had a bike, and I'm not very elegant (a bit clumsy if I'm honest) so my lady like vision may be a tad unrealistic.

3. this pantone mug is pretty. 

4. I need to get my hands on (and my feet into) these wedges from new look. I'm pretty much obsessed with a good wedge at the moment. and these are only £30, not bad. 

5. look at this beautiful buttery soft bag from monserat de lucca! and although this camel colour is my favourite, it comes in six other amazing colours. I'm coveting it very much.  

6. the 1950's benrus sky chief watch. how cool is that name? I want to wear a sky chief watch.. I want to be a sky chief! 


  1. This is such a beautiful post!!! Loooove it!

  2. Oh, I've been dreaming of a bike like this for ages!!

  3. i really want at bike like that! they are the coolest things!

  4. Pantone mugs? Fabulous animal embroideries? And those shoes! Oh, those shoes! I am so thrilled to have stumbled upon your lovely blog and all of these things you are liking :)