Thursday, 28 April 2011


1. I don't think I could eat from it but I would definitely put it on my wall. 'other planets cannot be as beautiful as this one' plate by rob ryan. I think he's probably right you know, this planet is very beautiful. I think I forget about how beautiful it is during winter when it's too cold to go out, but with spring very much in bloom and summery temperatures here, the planet is looking more lovely all the time.

2. this print workshop book looks pretty awesome, it seems like it has a lot of inspiring techniques and ideas in there. I'd like to add it to my collection of 'arty books' ( & hey if you have any recommendations for  inspiring arty coffee table books let me know, I love them)

3. I am in awe of this beautiful (as always) work by kareena zerefos 

4. the kitschiest tea pot you will ever see? making tea could only be a joy if you were making it in this surely. it would brighten up my morning no end. 

5. LOVE all of the t-shirts from the orphan's arms, definitely need to get my hands on one of them, I haven't decided which one yet though as they're all so pretty. this dusky pink 'follow' tee is calling to me, I can't get enough of that colour. 

6. anja mulder's collections are always so cleverly put together, I find them so wonderful to look at. she really has an amazing eye for composition, have a look at her flickr for more.

7. my amazing bff bought me one of these cath kidston washbags for my birthday after she saw me gaze longingly at hers! I love it. it's totally unashamedly girly.


  1. wonderful collection :) i love those illustrations-very 'where the wild things are'!


  2. i love the orphan's arms t-shirts! they are so unique!
    love your blog :)