Tuesday, 17 May 2011


1. a new song from bon iver? oh yes please! I'm really looking forward to the new album

2. this shoot on clever nettle's blog is so romantic and lovely, a perfectly executed ballet theme! shop for gorgeous vintage clothes like the ones in the photo-shoot over at the clever nettle etsy store, I want so many things in that shop

3. nice little chevron favour bags on etsy. these would be lovely for packaging up little prints or postcards

4. I love this hair! what a pretty style

5. can't buy me love rebecca minkoff coin purse, perfect

6. all of the prints on sonnenzimmer are great, this one is called ike-no-bo by nick + nadine and I want to have it on my wall

7. something else I would love to have on my wall is one of shanna murray's genius illustrated decals, I'm totally in love with them, they are so pretty and clever, and not at all like any other decals I've seen

8. this blog never fails to leave me feeling calm and inspired, simple and beautiful photography from brian ferry

9. ooh look at this beauty of an illustration from krisatomic! the same recognisable features we're used to seeing on her girls, but in a new style, and this was all done in one photoshop layer! magic. I love her glowing skin tones


  1. #9, the illustration from krisatomic is absolutely amazing, beautiful, alluring, all of the above!!!

  2. your blog is very nice and I love your illustrations, they are great!

  3. Thanks for posting our dance photo! Really glad I found your blog, it's gorgeous.

  4. Thanks for the tips! I can't wait to check out these lovelies!