Thursday, 30 June 2011


hey! i just wanted to show you a drawing i did recently of erin from calivintage. like everyone else i love her blog and her style and felt inspired to do a portrait of her. she kindly posted about it over on her blog.
hope you like it. 

how is it nearly time for the weekend?! i'm still recovering from last weekend! i went on a pretty awesome camping trip, i've been pretty much exhausted ever since- that explains my quietness on here! i'll make up for it soon. 

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Good Stuff 07:

hi all! hope you've had/are having a lovely sunday. i spent much of my day gardening (like a real grown up) and now i'm massively tired and watching my kittens snooze together is making me more even more sleepy. 

here's some good stuff for you:

1. these postcards by swedish illustrator saga bergebo are awesome for many reasons; they're pretty, you can buy them here for $10 and they are based on a really good book- the tribes of palos verdes by joy nicholson. i read it a few times growing up, it's kind of a dark coming-of-age novel about a fourteen year old surfer girl in california. the reviews on goodreads make me laugh- "i didn't like it, it was depressing"-most of my favourite books are pretty depressing. how about you? got any book recommendations for me? or better yet just add me on goodreads so i can see what you read!

2. those are some pretty little shoes in just the right shade of blue huh? i want them to be mine.

3. i also really want to get my hands on a pair of these espadrilles from soludos, i think i'm going to pre order a pair, at $28 they're a bargain and they come in all sorts of lovely colours. i can't actually choose- red stripes/blue stripes/triangles..? i don't know. 

4. i really want to go on holiday. whether i will be able to or not.. i don't know. (hey here's my shop by the way and i'm available for commissions! ha) ahem... anyway yeah so i keep seeing fancy swimwear everywhere and wanting it to be mine. this bikini is amazing, way out of my budget, but gorgeous nonetheless 

5. honestly, i really believe you can never have enough striped t-shirts. i'm pretty sure i've said this before. this one is pretty special though, and i'm pretty much on a never ending search for the perfect striped top. this one from aubin and wills looks like a strong contender. 

6. i saw these glass display domes on sfgirlbybay (brilliant blog) and followed the link to the hindsvik shop on etsy, oh dear it's full of things i would like in my home. the domes are especially cool, you could put so many things in there and it would look good. i see so much awesome interior design on the internet, but i find it quite hard to make my own (rented) house look anywhere near as nice-it's a lot harder than i thought to make every room look nice! especially without being able to paint or put holes in walls etc. any ideas are welcome!

7. this is a really cute idea, i love having flowers around the place but they can be expensive and they don't last that long, so making these little pom-poms on twigs to display in vases is a nice option- way nicer than fake flowers too

enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Friday, 17 June 2011

June Playlist:

It's time for this month's playlist! This one is pretty dreamy, I could probably fall asleep listening to this. You can download it here.

1. beware your only friend - bonnie prince billy
2. tangled up in blue - bob dylan
3. goodbye stranger - supertramp
4. oh! you pretty things - seu jorge
5. you and I know - ra ra riot
6. morning mr. magpie - radiohead
7. wasted hours - arcade fire 
8. jamelia - caribou
9. brandy alexander - feist
10. never going back again - fleetwood mac
11. beth / rest - bon iver
12. comforting sounds - mew 
13. i giorni - ludovico einaudi


Thursday, 16 June 2011

August Sander:

I went to an exhibition on the photographer August Sander while I was in Edinburgh. The exhibition was so striking, the way he photographed his subjects was truly amazing. His idea was to create a truthful vision of the German people in the 20th century- he titled each photo with the profession of the subject, rarely including their name, as he was trying to divide the German people into seven main groups; The Farmer, The Skilled Tradesman, The Woman, Classes and Professions, The Artists, The City, and The Last People. He wanted to show everyone, and he really believed he could, in a completely honest way.

girl in fairground caravan & the boxer
three peasants

pastrycook & bricklayer

the wise one, shepherd
unknown & secretary at a radio station

"Nothing is more abhorrent to me than sugary-sweet photography full of pretence, poses, and gimmickry. For this reason, I have allowed myself to tell the truth about our times and people in a sincere manner."

- August Sander

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Hi! How are we all? I'm back from my trip to Edinburgh. I had a very lovely time seeing my very lovely family. I ate a lot of cake and did a bit of shopping, saw a lot of great art too. The city is full of culture. Not even the rain dampened our spirits! Here's a few phone photos I took wandering around:

Armstrong's vintage:

The Red Door Gallery:

Outside the modern art gallery: 

Victoria street (my favourite street):

Some work from the graphic design part of the degree show at the Edinburgh College of Art:

If you do ever get to Edinburgh you have to make a visit to The Red Door gallery, so many lovely art prints and other wonderful things. I bought a couple of Sarah McNeil's prints when I was there, I've wanted one for a while and I thought seeing them there meant it was fate! Other highlights involve being given a voucher for the MAC counter, I'm a big fan of MAC make-up, I got some lovely stuff. I also found a pair of the H&M Swedish Hasbeens, these ones- score! I love them. 
I went to see the ECA degree show which was really interesting, I thought the illustration really stood out. I picked up a couple of postcards on my way around, I loved the guys with their colourful facial hair by Laura Dixon, and the gorgeous blue paint-y one is by painting student Säde Foley whose work really caught my eye. I also had a look at the fashion, and thought Davis Vallance's designs were absolutely fantastic, so elegant and wearable, I wanted it all. 
Anyway when I got back, we decided little Ruby needed a playmate (and someone to show her how to behave) so we went and added a new member to our little family! Meet Gus! He's ridiculously gorgeous and cuddly and lovely. We're so happy to have him! Ruby isn't quite so sure, but they're getting used to each other!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sunny Scotland:

photo by lizzy stewart

I'm off to Edinburgh for a few days, I love it there so much. I'm going to hang out with my lovely mother and see my brother and his girlfriend. Shops, art galleries and good food are on the agenda. Just hope I don't get rained on too much! 

Monday, 6 June 2011

Richard Sanderson:

I saw Richard Sanderson's work on wolf eyebrows and absolutely loved it. Gorgeous drawing and composition. I love the Life Aquatic poster, I went to buy one but it's sold out, boo! There are some other lovely prints in his shop/online mega store though. 


all pictures Richard Sanderson

Sunday, 5 June 2011

It's blitz:

I'm still nursing my cold, drinking green tea and eating oranges, trying to force myself to feel better! It's not working. Anyway so I've been looking through this flickr photostream and enjoying the vintage fashion. I'd love to have an excuse to get dressed up forties or fifties style, these Blitz Parties look like they would be a lot of fun.

all images from here.


These bear patterns by Matt Saunders are so cute!

My favourite is the pirate, look at his little face. I think the plan for these is to make pencil cases, which will be amazing.

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Magical work from Taiwanese photographer Rićor.

all photos Rićor

The Good Stuff 06:

How are we all on this Saturday morning? It's quite warm and sunny in my neck of the woods, but I'm curled up on the sofa with a stinking cold, no fun. I've got strepsils, ice tea, and I've been playing L.A Noire to keep me entertained. It's awesome by the way. Here's some good stuff for you:

1. Yes, my cat is an idiot, isn't yours? I want this t-shirt from print liberation.
2. I'm always interested to see what kind of art people collect, and the new feature on little paper planes 'curated walls' is going to let us have a peek.
3. This editorial is really striking, model Ilse de Boer seems to be playing the part of a slightly unhinged actress.. That girl can make some crazy faces.
4. This new work from my lovely friend Hazel Castle is part of her Final Major Project at Uni, and it's possibly the sweetest illustration I've seen in a while. So pretty.
5. The lovely Bri Emery now has a personal style section on her already mega inspiring blog Design Love Fest, the pictures of her are so relaxed and fun, really refreshing to see. 
6. Peonies! A firm floral favourite of mine, and of Heather Smith Jones by the looks of things!
7. Pretty little french charms from etsy, these would be so cute on a pendant.
8. I saw this 1920's Lanvin dress on Krisatomic's blog, she found it by searching through the Met archives. Isn't it beautiful.. I would LOVE to see it in the flesh. 

Enjoy your weekend whatever you're doing! 

P.S did you notice I've had a little makeover on the blog? Just smartened some things up around here, it looks much better I think! Now you can find all my links in the bar along the bottom.