Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Good Stuff 07:

hi all! hope you've had/are having a lovely sunday. i spent much of my day gardening (like a real grown up) and now i'm massively tired and watching my kittens snooze together is making me more even more sleepy. 

here's some good stuff for you:

1. these postcards by swedish illustrator saga bergebo are awesome for many reasons; they're pretty, you can buy them here for $10 and they are based on a really good book- the tribes of palos verdes by joy nicholson. i read it a few times growing up, it's kind of a dark coming-of-age novel about a fourteen year old surfer girl in california. the reviews on goodreads make me laugh- "i didn't like it, it was depressing"-most of my favourite books are pretty depressing. how about you? got any book recommendations for me? or better yet just add me on goodreads so i can see what you read!

2. those are some pretty little shoes in just the right shade of blue huh? i want them to be mine.

3. i also really want to get my hands on a pair of these espadrilles from soludos, i think i'm going to pre order a pair, at $28 they're a bargain and they come in all sorts of lovely colours. i can't actually choose- red stripes/blue stripes/triangles..? i don't know. 

4. i really want to go on holiday. whether i will be able to or not.. i don't know. (hey here's my shop by the way and i'm available for commissions! ha) ahem... anyway yeah so i keep seeing fancy swimwear everywhere and wanting it to be mine. this bikini is amazing, way out of my budget, but gorgeous nonetheless 

5. honestly, i really believe you can never have enough striped t-shirts. i'm pretty sure i've said this before. this one is pretty special though, and i'm pretty much on a never ending search for the perfect striped top. this one from aubin and wills looks like a strong contender. 

6. i saw these glass display domes on sfgirlbybay (brilliant blog) and followed the link to the hindsvik shop on etsy, oh dear it's full of things i would like in my home. the domes are especially cool, you could put so many things in there and it would look good. i see so much awesome interior design on the internet, but i find it quite hard to make my own (rented) house look anywhere near as nice-it's a lot harder than i thought to make every room look nice! especially without being able to paint or put holes in walls etc. any ideas are welcome!

7. this is a really cute idea, i love having flowers around the place but they can be expensive and they don't last that long, so making these little pom-poms on twigs to display in vases is a nice option- way nicer than fake flowers too

enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. i think the triangle shoes are the best :)
    i would like some of them too, i have seen many people wear them but i have never known where to get them from, so thank you :)

  2. so many lovely things! i just added you on goodreads, and started following you on pinterest :)