Friday, 29 July 2011

July Playlist:

i'm nearly out of time for this months music mix, but don't fret, here it is! please pop over here and download it. i had to include my favourite song by amy, poor girl. it's such a shame she couldn't win her fight against all the things that were dragging her down. she had a great voice. anyway i hope you enjoy it

1. east harlem - beirut
2. island - the whitest boy alive
3. my cloud - gil scott-heron and jamie xx
4. die slow (nastique remix) - health
5. whole wide world - wreckless eric
6. that's entertainment - the jam
7. the storm - boy and bear
8. radio cure - wilco
9. in this home on ice - clap your hands say yeah!
10. collector - here we go magic
11. you really got a hold on me - smokey robinson and the miracles
12. tears dry on their own - amy winehouse

cover image taken from here

Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Drawing:

i forgot to show you this drawing when i finished it the other week, oops. i drew this from a photo by mariam sitchinava. i love the photo, it's so full of life, i hope my drawing does it justice!

Hong Chun Zhang:

"Twin Spirits are large charcoal hair drawings, self-portraits of my twin sister and me. I use long hair to exaggerate our major characteristic and as a metaphor to reveal something that is beyond the hair. These drawings are presented as scroll paintings in order to accentuate the length of the piece and the flow of long hair."

aren't these hair drawings by hong chun zhang incredible? there is something so satisfying and almost therapeutic about drawing hair, completing one of these pieces must feel pretty good! the flow of the hair in these drawings is so lovely to look at, i'd love to see them up close.  

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


oops, it's been a little quiet around here huh? sorry about that, i guess i've been a bit busy, with all sorts of things! anyway here are some awesome jewels to make up for it, these are from pamela love. the necklace is my favourite, what about you?

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Be Mine:

i would like everything in furze chan's shop, ferse verse, please! furze is an artist from hong kong, and as well as having the sweetest little shop, she makes beautiful drawings and block prints. aren't the product photos lovely and simple? they look great. the spoon is actually a brooch, how sweet!

by the way, if you're on facebook, you can now 'like' the page i've made for my art. i'd love it if you did!

also here's a gif of me and gus. cute.

Sunday, 17 July 2011


here's some whole-heartedly beautiful photography from maren-celest. I would highly recommend that you go to her flickr stream to see a lot more great work. after you've looked at these two photos for a bit longer of course. breathtaking.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Oh, My:

super pretty everything at valentino couture. i love the hair and make-up.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Other People's Houses:

i'm sure you've already seen or heard something about other people's houses, it's been all over the internet of late. i wanted to show it here too as it's such a great little project. there's something really interesting and voyeuristic about seeing into people's homes. it's especially nice to see what people choose to photograph, and what's important to them. it's lovely to look at, so just go over to the site and see.

all images from other people's houses 


this is basically a post about how great i would dress if i were a boy. i think men get quite a sweet deal when it comes to getting dressed- nice jeans, suits and sweatshirts. and they get to have beards.

h&m + lanvin



street peeper + street peeper
the quiet life + asos

margaret howell + asos
aubin & wills + opening ceremony

see? really nice clothes. stealing from my other half and buying the occasional t-shirt from the mens' section will have to do, boys can keep their suits and i'll keep my dresses! still jealous of the beards though.

Monday, 11 July 2011

The Good Stuff 09:


1. yay! it's official, i'm going on holiday! i'm so looking forward to it, just a few more weeks and i can get myself some serious sunshine. if practicality was less important i would carry a super pretty suitcase like this one. unfortunately my actual suitcase involves a lot more plastic and some wheels. i wish my excitement wasn't tinged with apprehension about flying- it's not my favourite thing- i tend to get a bit claustrophobic/ panicky, you know what with being in a big tin can in the sky. any one else get nervous about flying? any tips? 

2. this ring is part of model erin wasson's range, isn't it a beast? it looks like it could do some damage, i like that. 

3. sigh. seriously givenchy haute couture is so incredibly beautiful, amazing, flawless

4. the orphan's arms are having a sale, i am an idiot and somehow bought a t-shirt the day before the sale started.. crap. however i highly recommend visiting their site, i have two t-shirts and a bag from them now and i love them all. i love a good t-shirt.

5. this dress made me do a little gasp, i love pleats at the moment and i always love grey. unfortunately it's from madewell, which makes me sad. what's with the lack of international shipping? come on!

6. these rorscharch test inspired ink blot mugs are pretty and cool

7. i absolutely love this drawing by lizz conley, it's so bloody beautiful, i find it quite haunting. what amazes me is that if you visit her flickr page you'll see that she hates it! wow. i think it's so incredible, it's crazy to think she could be unhappy with it. sometimes being an artist is stupid and frustrating, to never be quite happy with what you produce, and to spend so much time comparing yourself to others, it's pretty annoying

8. this exhibition looks like it's going to be great, i just wish it was remotely near me. it's called 'you are my favourite' and it's showcasing 30 female photographers, including some of my favourites like annette pehrsson, michela heim, valeria lazareva, margaret durow, and many more! so if you do happen to be in hamburg next friday, you should go!

9. i'm reading let the right one in at the moment, i've seen the film (not the remake but the swedish original) and it is fantastic, you should watch it, and/or read the book, which i also think is fantastic, and i'm not even finished yet. don't let the thought of vampires put you off, this is not along the same lines as the teen-vamp stuff that's all around, this is a really beautiful story

10. talking of vampires though.. true blood is back, meaning alexander skarsgård is back on my screen. this makes me very happy for obvious reasons

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Style Favourites:

stockholm streetstyle & stockholm streetstyle 
street style aesthetic & street style aesthetic

natalie off duty

street peeper & street style aesthetic

the world looks red

street style aesthetic & stockholm streetstyle


just a few recent photos, and a real introduction to the newest member of our family-little gus. he is the friendliest, cutest thing and he and ruby are best buddies now. we're so happy we got him. 
that's my mum in the first photo, watching an amazing sunset. we had a good time celebrating her birthday last night and my cake was so delicious!
oh also see that map in the last photo? it's actually wrapping paper from urban outfitters and it cost like £2, and it's really nice! i just love getting something from there that for once isn't way overpriced. 

Monday, 4 July 2011


inspired by erin's post on calivintage about her gorgeous mum, i thought i'd share a few photos of mine.
she is my favourite, i have a lot to thank her for. it was her birthday yesterday and i'm off to see her this afternoon, with a lovely bunch of peonies and a pistachio and yoghurt cake (it's in the oven right now!)

happy birthday ma.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Andrew Sea James:

i wanted to show you some inspiring and beautiful photography by andrew sea james. andrew is from las vegas, and mostly uses film for his photos-which is apparent in the gorgeous colours. i love his portraits, especially the ones of his family. these are a few of my favourites, but his flickr stream as a whole is a joy to behold- go and have a look!