Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Good Stuff 08:

1. love love love this photo of  LCF student angela brandys SS12 collection, found via style bubble

2. this dress is cute and cheap and mega useful for holidays, and it comes in eight colours. sweet. now i just need to buy one and book my flights.

3. this vintage ink lovers display from ethanollie on etsy is really nice and i'd love to have it somewhere in my house

4. oh hi amazing sunglasses, aren't these awesome? they're from italian company super. i would absolutely love a pair of these, but to be honest it's probably for the best that i can't afford them- i have a sunglasses scratching problem

5. this portrait by levashovaelagina caught my eye, as well as a few others in her flickr stream

6. the book hook is way more stylish than using a boring old bookmark, or merely folding the corner, as i do. this idea turns saving your page into a design object, good eh? i want one 

7. oh these are just so pretty. that shade of blue with gold makes me happy inside. earrings by kate spade

8. i love stripes, i love tea, earl grey please. simple

9. coury of fancy treehouse always seems to wear the best jewellery and this bee bracelet is no exception. i have to get one.. i might be mildly obsessed with it actually. 

have a wonderful weekend whatever you're upto. it's my mama's birthday tomorrow so i'm going to be making a (hopefully) delicious cake. probably this one, yum! 


  1. The dress is gorgeous! I especially love the 'book hook'. I can imagine having a comfy reading chair with the book hook next to it on a little table :) xxx

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  3. I love nos. 3 and 6, they're both cool!

  4. oh goodness, #6 is brilliant!! i need that in my life. :)

  5. great color combo going on here :)