Thursday, 28 July 2011

Hong Chun Zhang:

"Twin Spirits are large charcoal hair drawings, self-portraits of my twin sister and me. I use long hair to exaggerate our major characteristic and as a metaphor to reveal something that is beyond the hair. These drawings are presented as scroll paintings in order to accentuate the length of the piece and the flow of long hair."

aren't these hair drawings by hong chun zhang incredible? there is something so satisfying and almost therapeutic about drawing hair, completing one of these pieces must feel pretty good! the flow of the hair in these drawings is so lovely to look at, i'd love to see them up close.  


  1. wow, those are amazing! i love how long they are. and like you said, hair is one of the funnest things to draw :)

  2. oh my god, these are drawings?! it is sooooooooo beautiful!

  3. Wow :| .