Monday, 4 July 2011


inspired by erin's post on calivintage about her gorgeous mum, i thought i'd share a few photos of mine.
she is my favourite, i have a lot to thank her for. it was her birthday yesterday and i'm off to see her this afternoon, with a lovely bunch of peonies and a pistachio and yoghurt cake (it's in the oven right now!)

happy birthday ma.


  1. happy birthday to your mother!
    i love all these photos..i love looking at old photos of my mother, i sometimes forget she was young once. hahaha.

  2. I love this photos! Happy birthday Ismay's mum x x

  3. Oh, these are so lovely. Your mum was mega stylish. How nice to have pictures like this.

  4. Is that your mom when she was young? Who's that young man in the third photo?

  5. yes that's my mum when she was younger, I don't know about the man, an old friend of my mums I think!