Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Other People's Houses:

i'm sure you've already seen or heard something about other people's houses, it's been all over the internet of late. i wanted to show it here too as it's such a great little project. there's something really interesting and voyeuristic about seeing into people's homes. it's especially nice to see what people choose to photograph, and what's important to them. it's lovely to look at, so just go over to the site and see.

all images from other people's houses 


  1. Last one is great.. I love to look inside people's houses. especially with the good lighting!

  2. i need that cat print in the second photo. ;P
    what a wonderful idea.

  3. When I visited the Netherlands last summer, I was so intrigued by the huge windows at the front of every house and how they were always wide open. My husbands 6'8" Dutch cousin informed us that this was normal and expected...if your windows are closed, people think you are being rude. Kind of lovely, really...