Friday, 26 August 2011

August Playlist:

yay! it's playlist time! here for your listening pleasure is this month's music mix. i should probably call it 'stuff i listened to on holiday'. i hope you enjoy it. you can download it here.

1. circling - four tet
2. lift off - jay-z & kanye west feat. beyonce
3. love you better - the maccabees
4. two weeks - grizzly bear
5. months - the middle east
6. these days - nico
7. airplanes - local natives
8. somebody that i used to know - gotye
9. ashamed - deer tick
10. if it is growing - fanfarlo
11. things - frightened rabbit
12. slow slow tune - my morning jacket
13. shame on blue - wugazi

cover image by me

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


hello my dears! i'm back from my very hot and relaxing and lovely holiday. back in rainy old england with my gorgeous kittens who have grown so much i can't believe it. i managed to get myself quite addicted to instagram on the iphone, are you on it? my username is ismayozga if you want to follow me there. expect many cat photos. here's a few holiday snaps and some kittens thrown in for good measure:


all photos from my instagram. if you don't have the app, you can still see them all on instagrid

Thursday, 11 August 2011

One last thing before I go:

Peace, Love & Cats

shanna murray

lizzy stewart & youthquakers

lack luster co 

linda gavin & owen pallet
laura gommans
linda gavin
kari herer

that's all we need!

i'm going on my holiday tomorrow, i am so excited! so things will be a little quiet around here. i look forward to catching up with you all when i get back.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Extra Good Stuff:

i saw katie harnett's illustrations on where the lovely things are, and they are very lovely so they're in the right place
a cat cafe in seoul via park & cube

why had i not seen this blog before today?

lovely cushions covered with artist's designs at envelop, 1, 2, 3

gorgeous pom-pom necklaces from the vamoose

a cat friendly apartment in tokyo! amazing

vintage inspired underwear from the loved one, modeled and made by the babeliest of babes, hannah metz

pretty little necklaces from wsake who also has the loveliest blog 

my dad sent me a link to these incredible drawings (yes drawings!) by paul chiappe. not only are they amazingly detailed, they're tiny. mind=blown

here's some extra good stuff for you. hope you're all safe and well wherever you are, especially if you're in london, manchester, birmingham, or anywhere else affected by these bloody awful riots. the riot clean up project is a wonderful thing, and this drawing has a great message.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Good Stuff 11:

how are you doing my dears? i've been having a long and lazy weekend with my boy. mostly i've been cleaning (yawn), watching films and drawing. today i went for a walk around a new monthly flea market that's happening where i live, there were quite a few lovely things, i almost bought a gorgeous little armchair for £20 but then decided i really should save my pennies for my holiday, which is in four days! hope you've had a nice weekend whatever you've been up to. here's some good stuff:

1. i'm a huge fan of john paul thurlow's work, his pencil portraits are so exciting and dynamic. this one is of the late great alexander mcqueen and it's so well done.

2. i kind of wish i needed to wear glasses just so i could wear these ones from j.crew, they are pretty much perfect.

3. oh how i would love to go to bed every night in my pink four poster! it sounds awful in theory but this bed is so pretty. it's super feminine but not too sickly sweet. anyway a bed like this is but a dream, i mean who really gets to have a pink four poster?

4. i've just started reading lolita, it's been on my to-read list for a while and i'm looking forward to getting stuck in to this classic while i'm sunning myself! this photo is from a lolita inspired editorial by robert harper.

5. this skirt from modcloth is such a rich gold-mustard colour, very luxurious looking

6. i live in silky vests at the moment and the colour of this one is beautiful (i'm really on a pink kick right now huh?!)

7. i really really want this watch from asos, it's pretty perfect and exactly what i've been looking for in a watch, i very nearly ordered it but then the little voice telling me to save money for my holiday popped up. if it's still in stock when i get back, its mine!

8. lizzy stewart is another artist who can do no wrong in my eyes, this treehouse drawing is just so lovely, as is the rest of her work

9. more of this amazing mustard colour, but this time for your nails

10. i love this photo by martina falchetti, go and look at it in it's entirety over here. the expression on the girl and the cat's faces are perfect

11. this blog is filled with beautiful photographs, it's a very calming, sunny, beautiful place to visit. it's worth translating the lovely words too, i get google to help me out with that bit, my french is not so bon.

Friday, 5 August 2011

My Friend George:

is a babe. so i drew her! hope you like it.

p.s you can follow me on twitter, facebookpinterest, and tumblr if you like!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Biel Carpenter:

i really don't know what's happening in these photographs by biel carpenter, but i like them. a lot. it's the mystery that adds to the effect i guess, they look almost other worldly.  



i love it. 

images: one, two, three, four, five- tommy ton?

Monday, 1 August 2011

The Good Stuff 10:

here we are, we've reached double figures with the good stuff, i hope you've been enjoying it. i love making these, it's always fun. so, it's the first of the month, happy august everyone! i can't really believe it's august already, but it does mean it's only twelve days until i go on holiday, i cannot wait. real sunshine awaits me! okay here's some good stuff for you:

1. i love this mysterious looking bunny print from hamburger eyeland (weird name)
2. this dress from need supply is gorgeous! it's dreamy. and those sleeves are removable too so it'd look like a totally different dress without them. want
3. this looks like a book i'd like to have a look at, i love looking at old school tattoos. i'm thinking it's time for a new tattoo, i could do with some inspiration
4. another dress! i love this dress, it's such a lovely easy to wear shape and that yellow is amazing
5. lara stone photographed by mert and marcus for the new issue of love magazine, looking so natural and beautiful. i love all of the photos i've seen from this series-bare faced supermodels with tears running down their cheeks. the covers are really gorgeous too, so far i've seen hailee steinfeld, chloe moretz, and elle fanning looking absolutely beautiful, and that's only three of the eight(!) covers they're releasing. can't wait to get my hands on a copy.
6. this photo of a 'ruby throated' hummingbird caught my eye on anja louise's tumblr, aren't the colours just amazing? what a pretty little thing
7. these boots from topshop remind me of these ones, but more wearable. i love the lace. i would be scared of wearing them though- you'd have to avoid puddles wouldn't you?
8. i can imagine wearing this bow ring from kate spade all the time, i really like the gold with the perspex
9. i've been changing my nail colour every few days recently, and these colours from nails inc are gorgeous, i think bright pink is my favourite colour to wear

have a great day whatever you're doing, and thanks for the lovely comments you all leave, oh and i'm glad you like the music mixes too!