Monday, 1 August 2011

The Good Stuff 10:

here we are, we've reached double figures with the good stuff, i hope you've been enjoying it. i love making these, it's always fun. so, it's the first of the month, happy august everyone! i can't really believe it's august already, but it does mean it's only twelve days until i go on holiday, i cannot wait. real sunshine awaits me! okay here's some good stuff for you:

1. i love this mysterious looking bunny print from hamburger eyeland (weird name)
2. this dress from need supply is gorgeous! it's dreamy. and those sleeves are removable too so it'd look like a totally different dress without them. want
3. this looks like a book i'd like to have a look at, i love looking at old school tattoos. i'm thinking it's time for a new tattoo, i could do with some inspiration
4. another dress! i love this dress, it's such a lovely easy to wear shape and that yellow is amazing
5. lara stone photographed by mert and marcus for the new issue of love magazine, looking so natural and beautiful. i love all of the photos i've seen from this series-bare faced supermodels with tears running down their cheeks. the covers are really gorgeous too, so far i've seen hailee steinfeld, chloe moretz, and elle fanning looking absolutely beautiful, and that's only three of the eight(!) covers they're releasing. can't wait to get my hands on a copy.
6. this photo of a 'ruby throated' hummingbird caught my eye on anja louise's tumblr, aren't the colours just amazing? what a pretty little thing
7. these boots from topshop remind me of these ones, but more wearable. i love the lace. i would be scared of wearing them though- you'd have to avoid puddles wouldn't you?
8. i can imagine wearing this bow ring from kate spade all the time, i really like the gold with the perspex
9. i've been changing my nail colour every few days recently, and these colours from nails inc are gorgeous, i think bright pink is my favourite colour to wear

have a great day whatever you're doing, and thanks for the lovely comments you all leave, oh and i'm glad you like the music mixes too!


  1. lovely boots and the dress (4) is awesome! current LOVE issue is just fantastic, i wish i could buy it in my country

  2. i love your picks! i really love the photos of lara stone from love that have been surfacing recently! she always does stunning editorials!

  3. those boots are beautiful. they would be perfect for fall with a pair of tights!
    can not wait for fall!!!!!