Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Good Stuff 11:

how are you doing my dears? i've been having a long and lazy weekend with my boy. mostly i've been cleaning (yawn), watching films and drawing. today i went for a walk around a new monthly flea market that's happening where i live, there were quite a few lovely things, i almost bought a gorgeous little armchair for £20 but then decided i really should save my pennies for my holiday, which is in four days! hope you've had a nice weekend whatever you've been up to. here's some good stuff:

1. i'm a huge fan of john paul thurlow's work, his pencil portraits are so exciting and dynamic. this one is of the late great alexander mcqueen and it's so well done.

2. i kind of wish i needed to wear glasses just so i could wear these ones from j.crew, they are pretty much perfect.

3. oh how i would love to go to bed every night in my pink four poster! it sounds awful in theory but this bed is so pretty. it's super feminine but not too sickly sweet. anyway a bed like this is but a dream, i mean who really gets to have a pink four poster?

4. i've just started reading lolita, it's been on my to-read list for a while and i'm looking forward to getting stuck in to this classic while i'm sunning myself! this photo is from a lolita inspired editorial by robert harper.

5. this skirt from modcloth is such a rich gold-mustard colour, very luxurious looking

6. i live in silky vests at the moment and the colour of this one is beautiful (i'm really on a pink kick right now huh?!)

7. i really really want this watch from asos, it's pretty perfect and exactly what i've been looking for in a watch, i very nearly ordered it but then the little voice telling me to save money for my holiday popped up. if it's still in stock when i get back, its mine!

8. lizzy stewart is another artist who can do no wrong in my eyes, this treehouse drawing is just so lovely, as is the rest of her work

9. more of this amazing mustard colour, but this time for your nails

10. i love this photo by martina falchetti, go and look at it in it's entirety over here. the expression on the girl and the cat's faces are perfect

11. this blog is filled with beautiful photographs, it's a very calming, sunny, beautiful place to visit. it's worth translating the lovely words too, i get google to help me out with that bit, my french is not so bon.


  1. More great stuff! I love those glasses. And the mustard colors. And the girl/cat picture. :)

  2. great list! want to get this nailpolish right now, but i think revlon is no longer vailable in germany...

  3. i love the pink & mustard combo going on here! such lovely things :)

  4. Ah, my colours! How I love them so! Hope you have a great holiday.