Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Stacey Page:

weirdness of the best kind from artist stacey page, she embroiders onto found vintage photographs, making these strange and intriguing creations.

all images stacey page.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

gold shoes (spend/save)

i'm obsessed with miu miu's glittery shoes at the moment, but as i could never afford £400 for those beauties, maybe topshop will save the day?

Monday, 26 September 2011

sew sew

these artworks are both embroidered, which is too impressive for words really isn't it? both are so beautiful. the first is by megan whitmarsh, and the second is by emily barletta (who i found via i'm revolting). aren't they incredible? i have an overwhelming urge to touch the second one.. and look at the little people in the first piece, they're awesome! love.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

kate sheridan

really like these images from accessories designer kate sheridan's lookbook. it's all feeling very autumnal isn't it? by the way i'm so jealous of those of you who are moving into spring/summer now.. i'm quite jealous that you actually get a real summer (grumble grumble). okay anyway i'll try and be a bit more positive about the turning of the seasons, i do love autumnal dressing- layering, fluffy jumpers and boots are never bad, and the odd hot chocolate doesn't go amiss i suppose.

i love the print on those bags.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

I fancy a drink

painting by sarah dougherty, photo by me

Friday, 23 September 2011


i thought i'd share a few recent photos from my instagram. see them all on instagrid if you don't have the app!

september playlist

it's playlist time! woop! hope you enjoy this months' collection of songs for your ears. hey by the way if you enjoy the music of these bands then please go and buy their albums! you can download the mix here.

1. L Y F - WU LYF
2. 10000 claps - phantogram
3. hanging on - active child
4. trials of the past - SBTRKT
5. rave on - cults
6. strawbear - keaton henson
7. la fille avec toi - francoise hardy
8. the day is coming - my morning jacket 
9. come to the city - the war on drugs
10. oh fernanda why - arthur russell
11. in the sun - she & him 
12. roygbiv - boards of canada 

image by me

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


fancy a massive post featuring all of my favourite looks from london fashion week? okay, here you go. i tried to narrow it down, believe me, but there were just so many beauties.

there are some absolutely stunning pieces amongst these, that silver giles dress for one- it's amazing! and i think it's fair to say long sheer skirts are still a pretty big thing. that white temperley dress is just incredible. i wasn't too keen on the topshop unique show, but the two pink and gold looks are very pretty. that is a winning colour combination for me. i loved the menswear feel to the paul smith show, there are so many pieces in that collection that i would wear right now. and the gorgeous embellished lightness of these christopher kane and antonio berardi looks seriously appeal to my inner ice princess. (yes I have one of those, don't you?)

the good stuff 13

yes! it's time for some good stuff, finally, here is some stuff i've enjoyed this week:

1. the make up look at 3.1 phillip lim on the flawless face of fei fei sun. love the soft sweep of silver over the eyelids

2. gorgeous shattered emerald necklace from catbird

3. a bundle of kittens! say no more

4. this 50's sailor dress is breathtaking isn't it? imagine the glamorous gal who danced about in this. i bet she looked incredible.

5. this edition of the great gatsby is pretty perfect, great design and i just love that mustard yellow at the moment

6. this card from the victoria and albert shop is very cute. i would put it on the wall over my desk and smile when i looked at it. people don't really say tickety boo enough these days do they? i'm probably going to start slipping it into my day to day conversations

7. oh gosh this clutch makes me drool. i'm obsessed with all things gold and glittery and this clutch is very gold and very glittery. apparently it's from zara but it's not on the website.. boo hoo

8. loved all the harnesses in the felder felder show, especially this light pinky coloured one over the white dress. i'm not keen on the whole 'fetish' trend, but this has transformed it into something much more delicate and feminine

9. this photograph taken by dan mcmahon backstage at jeremy laing is in refinery 29's prettiest pictures from fashion week, and i have to agree, such a lovely colour palette

10. okay, is this dress actually made from liquid gold? it's stunning! once again, my love for this might be down to my love of all things gold and glittery but hey.. it's a pretty amazing dress

Monday, 19 September 2011

Mulberry love

i tried my hand at a couple of catwalk illustrations! what do you think? i thought the mulberry show was utterly gorgeous, especially the long flowing sheer skirts and the models' huge hair. so pretty.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

From new york to london

i love these backstage photographs of new york fashion week by the very talented jamie beck. how cool are the cinemagraphs too? they're like magic. they remind me of the moving paintings from harry potter. i found these via orange juice, etc


i think these photos of london fashion week by the multi talented kristina (krisatomic) are awesome too. and it's only been a couple of days! have a look here for more updates.

top photos by jamie beck, bottom photos by kristina

Friday, 16 September 2011


i thought it was time for a little.. okay a pretty big round up of some of my favourites from new york fashion week!


i think preen and jill stuart are my stand out favourites. the colours in both collections are absolutely gorgeous.

now i'm looking forward to what london has to offer!