Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Good Stuff 12:

oh my goodness it's september! how did that happen? i'm sorry it's been a bit quiet around here, i guess i've found it a bit hard to get out of holiday mode! i wish i was still sunbathing all day but hey ho. here is some wonderfully good stuff for you:

1. this room. one day, when i'm a real grown up, i would love to have a room like this, wouldn't you? those windows! all that light would be beautiful. via where the lovely things are

2. oh pretty pretty gold shoes! if i looked down and saw these i don't think i could help but feel happy

3. i'm still on the lookout for an awesome gold watch, but i can't seem to find the right one. this girl has three! show-off!

4. i love these chairs. swap you my boring old sofas for one of these? no? okay.. i don't blame you

5. pretty photo by sarah berhnard, via daydream lily

6. oh how i wish i had £100 spare for a big brass whale! i just love it, somebody buy it for me please? i don't know why i love it so much, i think it might be the expression on its little face!

7. i only discovered billy kidd's photography the other day, and it is really great. his tumblr is the best way to look through pages and pages of very cool portraits.

8. i saw this beautiful little illustration by aidan koch on sarah mcneil's tumblr and i really fell in love with it, lovely line work and that minty colour is the best

9. i really like these collages by tea party with oscar wilde. isn't this eiffel tower one lovely? via sfgirlbybay

10. finally, i'm always a fan of nautical stuff, this awesome little anchor soap dish is no exception.

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  1. those gold shoes are amazing.
    ahhh, if only they were not $215..blah.