Friday, 28 October 2011


instant re-post alert! i just saw this collection by hubert over on honey kennedy and i had a bit of a moment. perfect clothes for autumn, i want to wear them all immediately. i really love the colour palette- the bits of burnt orange and berry red are gorgeous. 

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Cut it out

brent hildy makes really awesome collages, have a look at his flickr for some more.

all images by the super talented (eighteen year old!) brent hildy

October Playlist

hey guys. it's time for your october mix! i hope this might make up for my silence a little bit. who knew there were so many things involved in getting a business up and running? i'm talking about paper and chain of course.. we are planning on having our website launched/shop open in less than a week! eek. if you're interested in what we're doing you can have a look on the p&c facebook page or our twitter. thanks! anyway so i hope you enjoy the mix, you can download it here.

1. sophia - laura marling
2. i've got this friend - the civil wars
3. the bad in each other - feist
4. hexagons II (the flight) - esben and the witch
5. countin' on a miracle - bruce springsteen
6. i just don't know - ghostpoet
7. final form - lianne la havas
8. spirits - jamie woon
9. desire - anna calvi
10. out of tune - real estate
11. still - bombay bicycle club
12. video games (lana del ray cover) - bombay bicycle club

p.s if you like the music go and buy their albums!

image by me

Friday, 14 October 2011

so sneaky

hey so.. how would you feel about a little sneak peek at the photo shoot we did for paper and chain? if you missed my post the other day, paper and chain is my new venture- i'm starting a jewellery company with my friend naomi. we are so excited to share everything with you, and we couldn't be more pleased with how the photos from this shoot turned out. so here's a few of our favourites:

last night i was talking to naomi, my paper and chain partner and oldest friend about all we've done to get to this point and we couldn't help but feel a bit emotional about the whole thing. we've always dreamed of doing something like this together, and i don't think either of us can really believe that we're almost there. we've both worked really hard on this project and to think that we're almost at the point where we can show the world what we've created is both hugely exciting and very nerve wracking!

if you want more updates on this then you can follow us on twitter or like our facebook page.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

send something:

i now have some cards available in my shop if you'd like to have a look, there are a few different designs and they all look super pretty- i'm very happy with how they turned out. hope you like them!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Paper and chain

i'm so excited to tell you all about a project i've been working on with my very best friend! naomi and i have been friends for twenty years (wow that makes me feel old!) and we finally decided to put our heads and our talents together to start up a little business! a jewellery company to be exact. i don't want to spoil the surprise by showing you too much, but here's a few images to give you a clue:

a logo, naomi in her workshop, some of our rings.

we both love jewellery- naomi studied it at university. designing these pieces together has been so much fun! we're hoping to have our website and shop up and running by the start of november (wish us luck!) so it won't be long until you can see all of our designs. they are all beautiful, we are so excited to share them with the world. right now we're very busy getting everything in place for our launch- that might be why the blog has been a little bit quiet this week, so much to do! if you would like to follow our progress we have a paper and chain twitter- give us a follow. i hope you're as excited as i am! 

all images by me