Thursday, 6 October 2011

Paper and chain

i'm so excited to tell you all about a project i've been working on with my very best friend! naomi and i have been friends for twenty years (wow that makes me feel old!) and we finally decided to put our heads and our talents together to start up a little business! a jewellery company to be exact. i don't want to spoil the surprise by showing you too much, but here's a few images to give you a clue:

a logo, naomi in her workshop, some of our rings.

we both love jewellery- naomi studied it at university. designing these pieces together has been so much fun! we're hoping to have our website and shop up and running by the start of november (wish us luck!) so it won't be long until you can see all of our designs. they are all beautiful, we are so excited to share them with the world. right now we're very busy getting everything in place for our launch- that might be why the blog has been a little bit quiet this week, so much to do! if you would like to follow our progress we have a paper and chain twitter- give us a follow. i hope you're as excited as i am! 

all images by me


  1. How exciting! Can't wait. x

  2. congrats! i'm really looking forward to seeing your pieces!

  3. WOW! your rings are great! can't wait to see the rest of designs