Wednesday, 30 November 2011

November Playlist

i'm cutting it extremely close with this month's playlist aren't i?! it's december tomorrow, how did that happen? this month it's all about the old school. old music, old favourites. i have to say, i actually listen to a lot more old music in general than i do new. i hope you enjoy this mix, you can download it here.

1. hey hey, my my (into the black) - neil young
2. all along the watchtower - bob dylan
3. atlantic city - bruce springsteen
4. have you ever seen the rain? - creedence clearwater revival
5. daniel - elton john
6. all my loving - the beatles
7. the man who sold the world - david bowie 
8. i don't want to know - fleetwood mac
9. hello i love you - the doors 
10. the sound of silence - simon and garfunkel
11. babe i'm gonna leave you - led zeppelin 

image by me

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Cendrine rovini

i mentioned her in my good stuff post, but i felt as if artist cendrine rovini deserved a whole post of her own. she creates really beautiful, dream-like pieces. i love how when she uses watercolours it's like the paint has naturally appeared on the paper- it's very organic. mixed with the tiny pencil details and strange subject matter it makes for really interesting work. to have a look at some more you can visit her website

all images cendrine rovini.

Friday, 18 November 2011

extra good stuff

i'm spoiling you, here's some extra good stuff:

it's starting to feel like winter around here, i want to be as snug as yokoo looks in her creations

wonderful illustration by isabelle arsenault

nugget necklaces from creatures of comfort

look at that little face! photo by shelbie dimond 

ice skating photo by estelle hanania

dream blouse by jasmin shokrian

i'm not usually a fan of perspex jewellery but these brooches by wolf and moon are pretty awesome, i love the glittery stag!

oh, now could this illustration get any sweeter? i think not. cuddle cats by Ina Hattenhauer

love everything in the besotted brand shop, the stamps are all particularly lovely and unique

this basically looks like my ideal room. awesome art, amazing diy lamp. everything on this blog is perfect.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

the good stuff 14

woah.. can it really be true? have i finally gotten around to making a new good stuff post? well yes, yes i have! i know it's been a while but here's some good stuff i've enjoyed lately:

1. wow i love this lamp- the extension number 1 neon pink cone. its sleek and simple shape is pretty perfect. i'm such a fan of the neutral/neon colour scheme, actually everything in this shop is beautifully designed and super chic.

2. printable place mats! these are a really simple and sweet idea, i'll definitely be printing some of these to use at christmas

3. this cat. cutest fluffy sleeper. (click the link for a beautiful blog and more pictures of the pretty cat!)

4. leah goren, the designer/maker of the infamous cat dress has a brand new awesome print, this time it's bears! want.

5. really soft, light gorgeous artwork by cendrine rovini. have a look here for many more pieces by her- her style is stunningly beautiful

6. okay i'm a bit behind with this but i'm just now jumping on the gosling bandwagon. yes i had seen such sites as feminist ryan gosling and laughed a lot, and i'd heard many, many people talk of their lust for the man, but i hadn't actually got around to watching any of his films. i'm not really a 'notebook' kind of girl. anyway last night i watched the ides of march, and i think i get it now.. i have drive and blue valentine lined up to watch next.. but this particular picture of him is pretty much the best. yup.

7. art deco superheroes (seen via fur coat, no knickers) are very cool.. i love batman, art deco is good too. have a look at the other posters in the series, i think they work really well.

8. i can't really explain why i love this photo as much as i do. it's a mix of the grainy film, the cat, and the ghost-like figure. it's just got a really interesting feeling about it that i'm really into

9. there are a lot of lovely prints in the v&a shop, and this 'red provence rose' is one of them. i want it for my walls.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

paper & chain x calivintage giveaway!

i love erin's blog so so much, so it's really cool that paper and chain are one of her sponsors on calivintage this month. what's really fun is right now we're having a paper and chain giveaway on her blog!

to find out all about how to enter the giveaway and win your very favourite piece in our shop, head on over to calivintage to read erin's post. there's also a sneaky little code for 15% off everything in the shop until dec 1st so go and look! lots of luck if you're entering, and if you're not.. well, actually why wouldn't you?! winning stuff is fun! 


here are a few recent pictures from my instagram if you're curious as to what i've been up to lately! basically there have been a few trips to birmingham, some wine on a cosy evening, some very lovely flowers from my parents to celebrate the launch of paper and chain, some very cute cat feet, a new cat phone case which i love so much, some snitch cupcakes made by my talented cake making friend nicki, some rollers in my hair, a view of worcester cathedral and some pretty light through various windows! my instagram name is ismayozga if you want to follow me, and if you don't have instagram you can still see all my photos on instagrid

all images by me

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

today is the day

we've been working towards this day for what feels like forever, and now it's finally here! the paper and chain website is live! i really hope you enjoy looking around our beautiful site. the website design was done by brother, jake. i gave him an initial design and we've worked together on it to create a finished product that we're all very happy with it, it's exactly what we wanted. i hope everything works okay for you, we may have a few teething problems as we're just starting out, if you have any issues with the site please let me know. i hope you enjoy having a look around. we have two collections to start us off, entitled vega and catena. the vega collection is inspired by triangular shapes and uses a lot of silver, whereas the catena collection uses some vintage brass pieces and is more inspired by the raw materials. both are beautiful in my opinion, but i might be a bit biased!

this is a big day for us! thank you very much for all the support and excitement you've had about this, it's really fuelled our own feelings of excitement about it all.  / twitter / facebook

image by me of my p&c partner naomi and myself