Thursday, 17 November 2011

the good stuff 14

woah.. can it really be true? have i finally gotten around to making a new good stuff post? well yes, yes i have! i know it's been a while but here's some good stuff i've enjoyed lately:

1. wow i love this lamp- the extension number 1 neon pink cone. its sleek and simple shape is pretty perfect. i'm such a fan of the neutral/neon colour scheme, actually everything in this shop is beautifully designed and super chic.

2. printable place mats! these are a really simple and sweet idea, i'll definitely be printing some of these to use at christmas

3. this cat. cutest fluffy sleeper. (click the link for a beautiful blog and more pictures of the pretty cat!)

4. leah goren, the designer/maker of the infamous cat dress has a brand new awesome print, this time it's bears! want.

5. really soft, light gorgeous artwork by cendrine rovini. have a look here for many more pieces by her- her style is stunningly beautiful

6. okay i'm a bit behind with this but i'm just now jumping on the gosling bandwagon. yes i had seen such sites as feminist ryan gosling and laughed a lot, and i'd heard many, many people talk of their lust for the man, but i hadn't actually got around to watching any of his films. i'm not really a 'notebook' kind of girl. anyway last night i watched the ides of march, and i think i get it now.. i have drive and blue valentine lined up to watch next.. but this particular picture of him is pretty much the best. yup.

7. art deco superheroes (seen via fur coat, no knickers) are very cool.. i love batman, art deco is good too. have a look at the other posters in the series, i think they work really well.

8. i can't really explain why i love this photo as much as i do. it's a mix of the grainy film, the cat, and the ghost-like figure. it's just got a really interesting feeling about it that i'm really into

9. there are a lot of lovely prints in the v&a shop, and this 'red provence rose' is one of them. i want it for my walls.


  1. i hate "the notebook"...HATE IT.
    but ryan is SO dreamy.

  2. I love this list
    pretty things pretty things GOSLING FACE pretty things

  3. leah goren is my favorite! <3
    i am lucky enough to get married in one of her dresses!

  4. In regards to Gosling make sure to see Lars and the Real Girl, it is fantastic.