Friday, 30 December 2011

2011: in pictures

it's been a really good year for me. i moved into a lovely house with my boy, we got two awesome little kittens who have made my life a whole lot more fun/cuddly. i turned twenty-five, i had some fun times in the sun, good things happened in my work life, i started a jewellery company with my best friend- something we've wanted to do for such a long time. all in all, it's been amazing. so as we move into 2012, i need to keep the positivity going strong! here's hoping the new year will be as good as the last, maybe even better. and that goes to all of you as well. 

wishing you a very happy new year!

NYE inspiration

need some last minute new year's eve style inspiration? maybe these ideas will help you out! 

what will you be getting upto? i'll be at my friends' flat having a suitably rowdy time. it's also mine and my boyfriend's four year anniversary so we'll be raising a glass of something fizzy to that. as for what i'll be wearing, i'm thinking berry coloured lips, either loose waves or a pretty updo, and probably a long black dress. have fun whatever you do, happy new year!

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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

an instagram christmas

1. my parents' christmas tree 2. my presents all wrapped up 3. a present to myself- green brogues from kate kanzier, which i got for £10! 4. my mum makes the best stockings 5. paul gave me a beautiful watch from mimco 6. my best friend gave me this awesome mr. meow lamp which is designed and made by my friend james uren 7. the walls of my pals' new flat 8. wink wink! topshop slippers 9. christmas nails 10. amazing cat ring from bonbi forest (found in my stocking!) 11. new topshop bag and finally i have my very own copy of vitamin p2: new perspectives in painting 12. ruby and our tree

these photos kind of sum up my little christmas, and a very lovely little christmas it was too, i've had a nice time relaxing with my family and my boyfriend. it's all over way too fast though- do i really have to get back to the real world?! anyway as you can see i acquired some very pretty things- i must've been a good girl this year. i hope you've had a wonderful time whatever you've been up to! 

all images by me

Thursday, 15 December 2011

p&c on monki tv!

on Monki.

i haven't posted all of my monki tv episodes here on my blog because i thought you might get a little sick of them, but this episode is special because i'm with my very best friend and paper and chain partner naomi, talking about our jewellery. have a little look, hope you enjoy it! if you want to see more you can see them all over on the monki website. they have an amazing sale on at the moment so you might want to have a look anyway!

Christmas Wish List

what have you wished for this christmas? these little beauties are at the top of my list! i wonder if santa has been listening.. hope so! here's what i'd like to find under my tree:

1. blouse from topshop £40
2. studded shoes by kate kanzier £25
3. vitamin p2: new perspectives in painting available at the national gallery £39.95
4. kama ring by katie diamond jewellery $115
5. hide & seek cat plate from urban outfitters £7
6. leather tote by kate kanzier £65
7. MAC pro longwear lipcreme in 'perpetual flame' £15.50
8. bathing girls bowls and spoons by esther horchner at dutch by design £35
9. silence and noise white blouse from urban outfitters £48
10. weekend city bag from zara £29.99
11. upcycle stud watch from mimco £59.25
12. lomo lubitel 166+ camera from £289

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


my parents wanted me to make them a christmas card design to send to their friends and colleagues, and this is what they got! when they were in sweden a couple of years ago they picked up one of these little guys and we all love him, he's got the softest beard. i hope the real santa has a beard this soft. anyway so i drew him for the cards and i think he looks pretty cute. hope you're all feeling festive! my boyfriend thinks i'm a scrooge because i don't want to put the tree up yet, in my family we always put it up on christmas eve. i'm compromising that tradition to put it up a week before but he's still moaning! i absolutely LOVE christmas, i just like it to be in a concentrated timeframe otherwise i feel like i'd get too used to the decorations and maybe even bored of them? that would be a tragedy! we had this very same argument last year but what are you gonna do hey?! i can't wait to see what the kittens make of their first christmas, and more importantly their first christmas tree. oh man i have a feeling they're going to rip it to bits.  


i did some little illustrations for nylon magazine! yay. i illustrated dr.brandt - the dermotologist, author ann beattie, and actor joshua leonard. compared to other magazines, nylon use quite a lot of illustrations, and i love them for it!

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Monki Episode 2

on Monki.

my new monki tv episode is up! in this episode we have a little look in my study and have a peek at my wardrobe. but most importantly i introduce you to my cats! "can you please get both of your cats to sit with you so we can film them together?" um... i tried my best.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Be Mine

are these the sweetest christmas decorations ever? i think so. sleepy christmas logs by rabbit portal.

I'm a monki girl!

have you heard of the awesome swedish clothing brand monki? i absolutely love their clothes so you can imagine how excited i was when they contacted me to see if i wanted to be one of their monki girls. they make really cool little tv episodes on their website about creative girls around the world. i'm a pretty shy person by nature so the whole experience was really nerve wracking for me but i'm so glad i did it, it was actually really fun. in this episode i'm doing a bit of drawing in my study. i hope you enjoy it!

on Monki.