Friday, 30 December 2011

NYE inspiration

need some last minute new year's eve style inspiration? maybe these ideas will help you out! 

what will you be getting upto? i'll be at my friends' flat having a suitably rowdy time. it's also mine and my boyfriend's four year anniversary so we'll be raising a glass of something fizzy to that. as for what i'll be wearing, i'm thinking berry coloured lips, either loose waves or a pretty updo, and probably a long black dress. have fun whatever you do, happy new year!

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  1. that wavy hair is gorgeous ! i wish i could get mine to look like that
    have a great NYE
    robyn xoxo

  2. All of them are gorgeous. I was looking through your blog and you don't mention films... Not that I noticed. So what are your favourite films? What films inspire you, as an every day person and as an artist? Do you have any films you watch over and over again? Maybe you'll do a post about it. :) I watched you on monki tv, you inspired me to wear white jumpers and red lips. Wish you all the best for the new year. From an aspiring artist.

  3. So much loveliness. Might try one of these tomorrow! I hope you have a lovely NYE. X

  4. thank you for the reminder of the chestnut bun - i´m giving it a try this evening! and your kittens are SO cute!

    happy new year!

  5. i can never make gorgeous hairdo.... jealous! :(((( xx