Thursday, 15 December 2011

p&c on monki tv!

on Monki.

i haven't posted all of my monki tv episodes here on my blog because i thought you might get a little sick of them, but this episode is special because i'm with my very best friend and paper and chain partner naomi, talking about our jewellery. have a little look, hope you enjoy it! if you want to see more you can see them all over on the monki website. they have an amazing sale on at the moment so you might want to have a look anyway!


  1. Wah! Just saw you on the Elle website! Your P&C necklace is one of their best buys of the week. x

  2. Hi Ismay !
    I was watching Monki Television and saw you there and I loved your work.
    Your drawing is wonderfull !


  3. They're all great Ismay! Worcester looks like such a charming place.
    & thanks for the mention :)