Monday, 30 January 2012

One Photograph

one very beautiful photograph, by √Čtienne Saint-Denis, whose site seems to be under construction, which is a shame. i saw this photo on pinterest and tracked it back to this blog post on walking the dog, which seems to be the only place this photograph exists at the moment. there is a nice little interview with him there too though so that's a bonus. 

The Makers Project

being a bit nosey is just part of human nature isn't it? i'm pretty nosey myself when it comes to people's homes and studios, and i especially love being able to peek into creative workspaces. jennifer causey photographs the inspiring spaces of various creative types in brooklyn. so far she has photographed the studios of designers, artists, jewellery makers, printmakers, all sorts of awesome people. i love seeing how they all work and what they surround themselves with to help them feel inspired. 

it's fair to say i've spent a lot of time thinking about my future dream studio after seeing these. go to the makers project website to see all of the wonderful photos.

if you like these i would also highly recommend lotta jansdotter's book open studios- it's full of inspiring workspaces. 

all images jennifer causey

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Style Favourites

i feel like i've basically been wearing the same jumper/jeans/boots combo for a few weeks now but fortunately some other lovely ladies have been making more of an effort. maybe if i look at these pictures long enough i will be inspired to wear more interesting outfits? probably not.. it's too cold- whatever i wear i usually end up adding a cardigan/hoodie/blanket to my outfit anyway. 

sources:  1, 2 & 3, stockholm streetstyle, topshop tumblr, the street fashion 5xpro, the sartorialist, all this happiness, park & cube, lee oliveira, vanessa jackman, topshop tumblr.

Thursday, 26 January 2012


time to share a few of my recent instagram photos with you! i'm helplessly addicted..

noticing that a building i've seen a thousand times says unicorn on it, using my little planner from lizzy stewart, the cathedral in the evening, gus being adorable in various poses. (i promise you ruby is just as cute but she's not much of a poser), my mr meow lamp made by my friend james uren (i keep thinking it's gus), my new flowery iphone case, a walk on the hills, a drawing of hannah metz of the loved one, new incredibly fluffy angora jumper which sheds like you wouldn't believe, a lovely book from eden portland which i won in a giveaway on honey kennedy, it's called la vie parisienne and it's full of gorgeous drawings, some thistles, a teapot from the festival of britain that my dad gave me for christmas- it was his first ebay purchase, and oh! a sad one, i broke my favourite mug. damn it. 

see all my pictures on instagrid if you don't have the app.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

January Playlist

you were all too busy with christmas and having a life to notice that i didn't make a december playlist right? well okay, sorry about that, but i've made an extra-specially nice one for january to make up for it so please forgive me! you can download it here. and please, if you enjoy the music, go and buy the albums. here's the track list:

1. little marriage - lia ices
2. bizness - tune yards
3. ayla - the maccabees 
4. a real hero  - college (feat. electric youth)
5. as i go to see janey - the middle east
6. midnight city - M83 
7. rainbows - oh land
8. plains - wye oak
9. no intention - dirty projectors
10. to a poet - first aid kit
11. dreaming - mayer hawthorne 
12. raconte-moi histoire - M83


cover photograph is from here

Monday, 23 January 2012

Extra Good Stuff

here's a few extra special things that have caught my eye on the internets over the past few days:

love the relaxed and natural street style photos on turned out
awesome nerdy paintings by tony bevilacqua via my love for you is a stampede of horses

hannah looking lovely in the snow
geometric shapes in jars on present and correct (does the second one look like little people to you?)

gorgeous photography (/hair) by stefano marchionini via pennyweight
a very cute valentine kitten by lilly piri

these are really sweet- 'talking pictures'- a collection of photographs with inscriptions of love, via pink shirts and car wrecks
the girl in these gorgeous new photos by francesca jane is just so stunning! serious beauty. see the other photos in the set here.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Bashful Beauty

utterly perfect (for me) clothes from ba&sh autumn/winter '12. i'm seeing some dream coats and beautiful structured dresses, along with great jeans (i'm a jean addict). pair everything with awesome clunky brogues and messy hair and i'm completely sold. 

appear in my wardrobe immediately! all images from ba&sh

Friday, 20 January 2012

The Good Stuff 15

it's time for some good stuff! yay. here are a few pretty things that have caught my eye lately. yes, i'm still pretty obsessed with blush pink. is this obsession ever going to pass? i'm not sure. 

1. this photo by alessandro mitola is so peaceful and calm, it makes me want to stop and take a breath.
2. oh my goodness this must be the most stylish kitten ever, meet karl lagerfeld's pretty little kitten choupette.
3. a very cool playhouse, i want one
4. i love this beautiful vase from up in the air somewhere on etsy. there's that peachy colour..
5. denise nestor usually creates incredible portraits, so this piece of work is a little different, but just as magical. i love this nature-themed drawing. have a look at her blog to see it bigger.
6. a personalised envelope clutch, so chic. from harlex on etsy.
7. i love this pendant lamp! it belongs to the very lovely anabela of fieldguided
8. chunky knit, peachy, beautifully photographed = i'm sold. i'm so very into this scarf. hand knitted by tara-lynn morrison at good night, day
9. oh look! another blush coloured light! is this getting predictable? really though, this is beautiful isn't it? it's available on etsy

Thursday, 19 January 2012


we've just created a brand new collection over at paper & chain- the capella collection- inspired by diamonds and love and romance and did i say diamonds already? we've had an amazing time with p&c since our launch in november, it's been really busy and so fun and rewarding to realise that our vision has been so well received, i mean we were even featured on elle uk, three times! it's amazing for us. this new collection has only two pieces in it so far, two necklaces based around the diamond shape. the solitaire is a tiny single diamond- so delicate and pretty i want to wear it all the time, and the trilogy is more of a statement necklace- three big diamonds hanging together on a longer chain. i seriously love the trilogy necklace, it's so awesome. i think it's my personal favourite piece we've come up with so far.

no they're not real diamonds! but real diamonds would be really expensive right? these are better. and you can say you have a diamond necklace! cool. and they're both available in gold or silver.

you can see our new collection in the shop now and if you're interested in our jewellery you can have a read of our blog, too.

by the way, i just want to say a little thank you for reading my blog and being lovely, and if you're a p&c fan, thank you times two! we love you.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Be Mine

so in love with this dress from steven alan. is it summer yet?

Thursday, 12 January 2012


it's almost embarrassing how much i love this project by lizzy stewart. since she moved from edinburgh to london, lizzy has been documenting her life with these lovely little drawings and putting them up on her tumblr- 'solo'. they are so sweet and funny i would happily read an entire book of them (in fact i would love that). i don't think i'm far off getting my wish as lizzy is planning on turning her drawings into a zine. awesome. 

aren't they just brilliant? go here for more. 

Monday, 9 January 2012

Hannah and the Arctic Fox

today i attempted my first drawing of the year, which somehow ended up being a picture of hannah metz and an arctic fox. 

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Alex Mazurov

these photographs by alex mazurov are like stills from some beautiful and intriguing film that i would absolutely love to see. have a look at his flickr stream for more.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Joao Ruas

wow. it's really no exaggeration to say that i'm in love with these drawings by artist joao ruas. dark, beautiful, mind blowing. 

seen via booooooom