Thursday, 19 January 2012


we've just created a brand new collection over at paper & chain- the capella collection- inspired by diamonds and love and romance and did i say diamonds already? we've had an amazing time with p&c since our launch in november, it's been really busy and so fun and rewarding to realise that our vision has been so well received, i mean we were even featured on elle uk, three times! it's amazing for us. this new collection has only two pieces in it so far, two necklaces based around the diamond shape. the solitaire is a tiny single diamond- so delicate and pretty i want to wear it all the time, and the trilogy is more of a statement necklace- three big diamonds hanging together on a longer chain. i seriously love the trilogy necklace, it's so awesome. i think it's my personal favourite piece we've come up with so far.

no they're not real diamonds! but real diamonds would be really expensive right? these are better. and you can say you have a diamond necklace! cool. and they're both available in gold or silver.

you can see our new collection in the shop now and if you're interested in our jewellery you can have a read of our blog, too.

by the way, i just want to say a little thank you for reading my blog and being lovely, and if you're a p&c fan, thank you times two! we love you.

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  1. I really love them! Maybe I should buy one ...