Sunday, 29 January 2012

Style Favourites

i feel like i've basically been wearing the same jumper/jeans/boots combo for a few weeks now but fortunately some other lovely ladies have been making more of an effort. maybe if i look at these pictures long enough i will be inspired to wear more interesting outfits? probably not.. it's too cold- whatever i wear i usually end up adding a cardigan/hoodie/blanket to my outfit anyway. 

sources:  1, 2 & 3, stockholm streetstyle, topshop tumblr, the street fashion 5xpro, the sartorialist, all this happiness, park & cube, lee oliveira, vanessa jackman, topshop tumblr.


  1. the whole denim jacket over a jumper over a shirt but under another coat thing kills me every time. I've tried it and i look like a spazz. why god. why.

    1. I know, if I wore that many layers I would look like the Michelin man

  2. These photos just make me wish it wasn't so damn cold here in the UK. I'm sick of having to wrap up warm!

  3. When it's cold, silk is actually a good fabric for keeping you warm. I would love a silk shirt that colour. <3