Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Favourite Blogs Part 1

i was asked recently if i would share some of my favourite blogs, and i've actually been meaning to do so for a while, so here goes. i have a lot of favourites so i'm splitting this up into a few posts- i hope you find a new favourite amongst them.

kingdom of style is a blog run by two women with a great sense of style and a lot of personality

vanessa jackman takes gorgeous, natural street style shots 

where the lovely things are does exactly what it says on the tin- it's full to the brim with truly lovely things. mallory has great taste. 

i have what you would probably call a little (big) internet crush on elise of pennyweight, she is another lady with impeccable taste- her pinterest is proof of that. it's hard to resist clicking 'repin' on everything she posts. 

i'm sure you've seen the beautiful jewellery designs of the vamoose, and her blog posts are just as beautiful- they're not all that frequent but they are absolutely worth the wait.

that should keep you going for now, part two coming soon!