Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February Playlist

hey kids. i've got february's music mix for you, and just in time! if you follow me on twitter you'll know i'm not feeling too hot, think i've got the dreaded lurgy (flu maybe?) so i had to retreat back to bed this afternoon, and i put this mix together from under the covers. i like it, hope you do. download it here.

1. sister - vetiver
2. emmylou - first aid kit
3. how dare you - thao & mirah
4. hazy shade of winter - simon & garfunkel
5. close watch - agnes obel
6. john wayne gacy, jr - sufjan stevens
7. i hope you die - wye oak
8. shoulda - jamie woon
9. lay your cards out - polica
10. we will commit wolf murder - of montreal
11. my girls - animal collective

if you like the music please go and buy the albums.

photograph on cover image from here


  1. Yey, Emmylou! Love the album cover too. Hope you feel better soon. x

  2. Yep, have First Aid Kit and Agnes Obel, the albums. I think maybe you'd like this one...
    They're not very known yet, and they've only done an EP so far.

  3. I'm missing your playlists so much.