Friday, 30 March 2012


instagram round-up! stocking up on magazines, i've been battling an infection that doesn't want to go away so lots of reading material is necessary for painful days / pretty pink tulips / packing paper and chain orders / literally had no choice but to buy this belt, it was sitting in the window of a second hand vintage shop whispering 'buy me' / paul's brother's cat had three tiny babies, cute / currently reading: a tree grows in brooklyn, really enjoying it / sleeping angel kitty in my way, too cute to move / spring! oh how i love thee / i made my papa a birthday card, he was 65! happy birthday dad / i also made him a tres leches cake, using this recipe from nook eatery, it was delicious, just looking at this picture makes me drool. so good. / gus doing a bit of sunbathing in our garden / until our peace was rudely interrupted by a bloody huge fire in the nursery behind our house- no one was hurt, it was empty, but the fire was massive, it burned for hours, scary stuff, and it was all started by a fridge. check your fire alarms people / making bracelets for paper and chain and playing around with new colours- this baby blue is particularly pretty, expect it in the shop soon / a little walk by the river on a beautiful spring evening / white cat + outdoors = dirty paws.

have a great weekend!

p.s you can see all of my photos on instagrid if you don't have the app

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  1. I adore your blog, Ismay and your name, it's too beautiful.