Sunday, 29 April 2012


utterly beautiful series by spanish artist oriol angrill jordà. seen via down and out chic.

see more of oriol's work on his website.

Be Mine

this joseph dress is so simple, so perfect. sigh.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tom and James Draw

when i first saw this artwork, i thought it was really interesting, great shapes and colours, beautiful stuff. then i read about the artists behind the work and fell for it even more: 

"tom and james are two brothers who have influenced and assisted each other in their drawing and painting practice since the very beginning of their lives. james was born in 1977 and tom was born on 1981 with downs syndrome.

their collaboration is unique as they are sharing experiences between the outsider and “insider” art world. james identifies with toms abstract use of visual coding and tom builds around james’ skilled and confident mark making. tom relaxes james’ technical obsessions, and james enables tom’s concentration and playful markmaking. together they make worlds of experience, encompassing people around them and their actions, animals, plants, engines, and sometimes hilarious nods to the human experience and perception."

you can see more of their work here, along with a really nice video of the brothers painting together as children, and working together now they're adults. it's hard not to feel a little bit sentimental about family and what art can do for people and relationships. i would just love to have one of these artworks on my wall. 

all images tom and james draw

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

An Instagram Birthday:

it was my 26th birthday on sunday and i think it was up there with my ~best birthdays ever~. it was crappy weather which threw my usual plans of picnicking in the countryside off a bit. that's how i've spent my birthday for the past few years and i've loved it, but alas, this year it would not stop raining, so we had to come up with a plan b. we ended up popping over to birmingham, and we stayed in the coolest little apartment ever. it was on the 18th floor of the rotunda (the rotunda is an iconic old building in brum, and it's been recently refurbished, with serviced apartments on the top floors) and the views were amazing. i would highly recommend staying there if you're ever in the area (this is where we stayed). i went to uni in birmingham and i know it well, but i'd never seen the city like this- it was pretty special. we went out for dinner in a south american restaurant called bodega and the food was so so good. then we ended our night at the electric cinema, which is the uk's oldest working cinema, curled up on the sofas, ate ice cream and watched the cabin in the woods. it was an all round awesome birthday. i loved it.

tea & croissants in bed / new leah goren iphone case from iconemesis

the stinky sunday bakers made me this amazing cake! yum / ray bans & the gentlewoman from paul- love!

our bed in the clouds / amazing views

a dark 'n' stormy / views at night 
a present to myself - ring from kaye blegvad / a present from my lovely best mate, this amazing vamoose lava bead necklace

all images are from my instagram.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

White patterns: Spend / Save

jonathan saunders devore top £250 / zara embroidered silk top £59.99

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Friday, 13 April 2012

paper & chain on instagram

as i'm already 100% addicted to instagram i thought i should probably go ahead and spend even more time on there by creating a paper and chain account! yay! so follow along if you'd like to see some jewellery updates. our username is @paperandchain (funnily enough). these are our catena bracelets in new spring/summer colours- pink, tan, baby blue and lilac. i love them. they should be in the shop really soon.

if you don't have the app you can still see the photos here.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Be Mine

how beautiful are these salt and pepper shakers? that's a sentence i didn't expect to say. i just love them, they're so pretty! you can pre order these now from leif.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Good Stuff 16

yay, good stuff! oh dear it's been forever since my last good stuff post. let me make up for that with some really good stuff:

1. 'self portrait' by collin van der sluijs, imaginative and colourful and better bigger
2. pretty pretty peach bag from zara, perfect for spring/summer
3. more spring colours in these light jumpers from cos
4. diana posted about this sofa and i fell in love with it, a sofa in my favourite colour? yes please. i absolutely hate my sofas, but i'm stuck with them, for now. so i'll just be lusting over pictures of pretty sofas on the internet if you need me.
5. pretty polka dot dress from karen walker. i've definitely got a thing for polka dot dresses.
6. love love love this phone case by leah goren, i think it's made for me- leah pointed out that the cats look  like my gus. i think bottom left is definitely him.
7. lizzy tweeted a link to these amazing japanese vases and ornaments from grass boat gallery. my favourite is of course this lovely cat, and i like the mixed up description google translate gives me of it: 'you are wearing a sweater and snug cat of expression, such as sleeping, of tokkuri.'
8. a gorgeous summery dress from makié, which is hand dyed, woven and spun in india.
9. the very clever kaye blegvad found this ceramic hand, painted it and used it as a candle holder- and i think it looks great. (kaye has an awesome blog called kaye blegvad's blogvad which you should take a look at)
10. this picture just made me laugh, by fanny valentin
11. exciting! caitlin shearer (maker of wonderful drawings) has had some fabric made with her designs, and it looks great. can't wait to see what she does with it.

i hope you think this stuff is as good as i do! i do enjoy putting these posts together. i'm a wee bit fed up at the moment- remember i said i had an infection? well i don't know exactly what's going on but i'm still in lots of pain, mostly in my back and joints, and my doctors surgery seem to be overwhelmed at the moment and i can't get in to see my doctor for ages, so i'm doing a lot of sitting around feeling grumpy. this new blog has been cheering me up. it's been a long time coming- well done kate. warning: don't read too much, you may start to worry about the future of the human race.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Lucy Eldridge

i recently discovered lucy eldridge's work via twitter, and i'm really enamoured with it. her expressive little brush strokes are wonderful. these paintings are from her series entitled 'after i read murukami's 1Q84, vol.1,2&3'. i still haven't read 1Q84, these beautiful paintings remind me that i really must.  

images from lucy's website.