Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tom and James Draw

when i first saw this artwork, i thought it was really interesting, great shapes and colours, beautiful stuff. then i read about the artists behind the work and fell for it even more: 

"tom and james are two brothers who have influenced and assisted each other in their drawing and painting practice since the very beginning of their lives. james was born in 1977 and tom was born on 1981 with downs syndrome.

their collaboration is unique as they are sharing experiences between the outsider and “insider” art world. james identifies with toms abstract use of visual coding and tom builds around james’ skilled and confident mark making. tom relaxes james’ technical obsessions, and james enables tom’s concentration and playful markmaking. together they make worlds of experience, encompassing people around them and their actions, animals, plants, engines, and sometimes hilarious nods to the human experience and perception."

you can see more of their work here, along with a really nice video of the brothers painting together as children, and working together now they're adults. it's hard not to feel a little bit sentimental about family and what art can do for people and relationships. i would just love to have one of these artworks on my wall. 

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