Tuesday, 29 May 2012

moving on

our landlady has decided to sell our lovely little house, so it looks like we'll be moving on soon. i've had such a good year (and a bit) here, i will be sad to leave. i think the cats will too. we've found another house and we're meeting with the landlord soon, so if he likes us i think we'll get it. please send us good house renting vibes! i don't want to get my hopes up but the house is a dream. fingers crossed!

images from my instagram


  1. That is such a shame. I love the fire place and wooden floor! I really hope you get this new house.
    I've just found out that I got the flat that I want to move into! Moving is a pain but I'm really excited about getting everything in and having a flat warming party.

  2. Good luck my house renting thoughts are with you! x

  3. good luck to finding a new house - hopefully you get the one you´re dreaming of!

  4. Sending good vibes! haha just make sure you have tulips in your new house too! ;) I simply adore them!