Thursday, 24 May 2012


the other weekend i went to the beautiful city of stockholm, oh my, what a pretty place! i went with naomi, my p&c partner and most awesome friend. we stayed in a lovely little hotel where the room felt like we were perhaps on an old ship..? i don't know why i got that idea but i dreamt that we were on a boat and that a cat came in through the window. um.. weird. yeah, anyway. 

our room had all these portraits hung around it, these guys are karl and johan- good swedish names. pretty lighting, pretty bedding, lovely views on the terrace of all the black roofed buildings, naomi with her new glasses case from monki, funny lift warning (look at the poor guy's head), naomi reading our guidebooks on the terrace. 

this place was a great little find, it's a cafe and market selling independent designers called snickarbacken 7,  we had tomato soup with mozzarella balls hidden in the bottom, yum! 

it was beautiful inside, gorgeous clothes, great magazines and music, and the cutest baby clothes for the most stylish swedish babies. 

we walked all over stockholm, from our hotel in gamla stan, down to the very cool södermalm, over to skeppsholmen where the galleries are, up to östermalm, we walked and walked and walked.  my feet were broken by the end of the trip, i won't even talk about my blisters.

louie louie in södermalm will be forever known as the place in which i had the best salad of my life. seriously, there was avocado, houmous, red onion, cucumber, sundried tomatoes, oh it just had so much yumminess in it. louie louie looks like an american diner but the food is more fresh and healthy than you would expect to find in a diner. we loved it. i saw a display of swedish hasbeens in a shop called tjallamalla and i drooled over them a bit. unfortunately i'm not made of money so i'll stick with my h&m x swedish hasbeens (which i bought in a sale!). we went to weekday, gina tricot, monki (where we spent all our pennies), had teeny tiny pain au chocolat in the modern art gallery, and i hung out with a little gnome fella. he wanted his picture taken with me so i had to oblige. 

what i loved about stockholm is that it's so pretty, the water, the lovely green areas, the buildings, the people (oh hello men with beards everywhere)

it was beautiful. especially when the sun peeked out for a few hours. we also went to the fotografiska museum which was awesome, we saw great exhibitions by helena blomqvist (weird dreamy/nightmarish scenes with handmade sets and eerie children) and steve shapiro (stills from the set of taxi driver, the godfather, and photos of bowie, diana ross, martin luther king, very cool). 

if you ever get the chance, go, go! it is super expensive but there are still things to do- if you don't mind just looking at beautiful things rather than buying them, you should be okay. also lunch prices are fine, it's just evening meals that get ridiculously pricey. i really hope i get to go back again sometime. 

all images taken by me


  1. What an amazing trip, you are so lucky! I wish I could visit a place as beautiful as this! xx

  2. Nice post, I'd love to make it all the way to Scandinavia one day!

  3. More gorgeous Stockholm (and other places) pictures are in Elsa Billgren's blog, Plus she always looks so happy you end up being cheered up by it. :)

  4. wonderful trip. wish i was tagging along :P