Friday, 13 July 2012

charlotte mei

charlotte mei's ceramics are adorable and i love them.

Thursday, 12 July 2012


it's been a busy couple of weeks around here. we moved house, and what a fun experience that always is. so tiring! we're now in our lovely new home, all period features and piles of boxes. yes.. there are still a few boxes that need to be unpacked. turns out i'm a lot more organised when putting things into boxes rather than taking them out. last week i did a jewellery making short course at the jewellery school in birmingham, and i had so much fun! i surprised myself by actually enjoying it. institutions usually give me cold sweats. i think the fact that it was intensive, and there was less talking, more doing than i was used to made it really enjoyable for me. you may or may not know that when it comes to our partnership at paper and chain, naomi does all the complicated jewellery making, and i do most of the other stuff. well now i have the skills to be more hands on. my poor little delicate hands got a battering! oh and in the middle of moving house and doing the course we went to a pretty sweet party in the countryside. sometimes living in a small city can be a bit rubbish, but living near beautiful rolling fields is a definite plus. anyway the reward for my efforts is, as per usual with me, a stinking cold. yay! 

a great country pub with a cat on its sign / gus plays the princess and the pea / yummy pud in oxford / this card made me laugh a lot, i've put it in a frame. don't worry kitty, i'm crap at maths too. / michela sent me a beautiful book that deserves (and will get) a whole post of its own / amazing tables that i found on ebay / gus got tired out from all the moving, he had to take a nap in a box / so excited to finally have a home for my magazine collection, although after taking this photo i found another whole box of them, oops / holding paws / drinks in the countryside / a ring i made on my course, proud of this little baby! / pastel skies / gus tucked in / peonies 4eva / current view from the sofa in the new living room. look at the ridiculously grand mirror that came with the house, i love it. 

images from my instagram