Friday, 28 September 2012

Scarf Shop

kate just tweeted a link to this shop that she helped set up and i fell in love with the photography immediately, not to mention the beautiful scarves. scarfshop scarves are hand dyed in small batches by martha mcquade, meaning colour variations make your scarf one of a kind. the colours martha chooses to use are gorgeous, i especially love the neon pink/grey scarf from the aqueus collection. i think, if i had to choose, that would be the one for me. it would be a seriously tough decision though.

the amazing photographs are by sara montour, a portrait photographer from minneapolis. i love the style, i think she's captured the scarves so well. 
all images by sara montour for scarfshop

p.s i made myself a new header last night, hope you like it- i think i do! 


  1. Such pretty scarves! Love the colours and your new header looks ace. xx

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