Thursday, 15 November 2012

Kate Miss

the multi-talented kate miss has just released her new winter 2012 jewellery collection, and i'm totally enamoured with the photos. kate shot them herself on film in the late afternoon light. i love the styling, that fluffy jumper in the sunlight is so nice. 

the colours of all the backdrops are lovely, the flowers, the shadows, that green! amazing. remind me to take some film photos next time i do a paper and chain shoot. the jewellery itself of course is also really nice, i love the simplicity of the cast bronze crescent

photography: kate miss, shot on a mamiya 645AF with kodak portra 160 film
hair + styling assistance: alison brislin
shot in silver lake, los angeles, CA

p.s you have until 8pm GMT tonight to enter the luna ring giveaway!


  1. Wow! Beautiful shoot! I'm a sucker for film photography.
    Pretty jewelry too!

  2. Wow these really are beautifully styled photos. Putting my own efforts to shame! Plus that jumper looks so cosy!