Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New: Paper & Chain for Boys!

we've wanted to create a paper & chain range especially for men for a long time, and we kicked it off this week with the king vega. it's the same classic vega shape but a lot chunkier, heavier, and maybe even slightly more awesome. it's a really satisfyingly heavy piece of silver. although we've created this ring for men, we've already had enquiries about making them for girls, and i really want one for myself, so it may not be too long before an extra chunky girls' vega is available.

to celebrate the launch of the king of vegas (no, not elvis) we are giving away one of these rings over on the paper & chain facebook page, just comment on this post to be in with a chance of winning one which you can then give to a lucky boy, unless you are a boy, in which case you can keep it. the competition ends on friday, good luck!

by the way i'm sorry about the lack of posts around these parts lately, i've been a very busy bee with work, moving to london, bla bla bla. bear with me!