Sunday, 19 May 2013


oh man, it's been two long months since i last published a blog post. i guess having a demanding full time job and also running a jewellery company and also moving to london and having a life is kind of time consuming huh. i miss sharing things. this here is like an instagram recap of the first 5 months of my year. i got engaged, i got a new job, i moved to london, and now i live here in a lovely flat with paul and gus and ruby and we're having a good, busy, tiring time. 

1. the day after we got engaged. 2. commuting to work, train views. 3. one of the many air bnb flats i stayed in 4. chinatown 5 + 6 gus in our new flat 7. the natural history museum 8. planes overhead all the time 9. best bagels in london 10. liberty on my birthday 11. tatty devine holi party 12. beautiful sky over peckham rye 13. local flirty cat, george 14. leafy leafy london.

all images from my instagram