Monday, 20 September 2010

016 / an illustration / oh hello

Cute but stupid. My brother is afraid of whales, which is weird, because you're not really likely to bump into one are you?


  1. you know what? Whales are my favorite animals BECAUSE I'm scared of them. Well it's not really scared, it's more like fascinated cause it's so incredibly hard to imagine they really exist. A creature that's like 8 times the length of my room. Same goes for those giant deep-sea squid that can get up to 30 metres.

    I don't draw often anymore, but when I do, I always draw whales or squids. And then theyre also always in scenarios where they just go 'hi'. I guess thats what whales and squids do best.

  2. I guess it is! It's nice to imagine that these huge creatures might stop and have a chat.
    I am fascinated by them as well, I love underwater wildlife programmes, especially involving David Attenborough, he's wonderful! Life under the sea is really hard to comprehend.
    Imagine going for a swim and seeing a whale-terrifying! Hopefully he'd say hello.