Saturday, 7 May 2011


1. pretty knickers from la perla? ooh yes please. £270? maybe not.. still, they are super pretty and I love that colour

2. women looking much better in menswear than men ever could on the rather lovely tumblr wearing the pants

3. I'm addicted to breton striped t-shirts, but these colourful stripes are pretty too, and I really need to get more colour into my wardrobe (easier said than done) 

4. love this coral maxi skirt from topshop, I'm definitely into long dresses and skirts, I just love the way they swish around your ankles! not so good with a kitten attacking your every move though

5. just came across this series of watercolour portraits by louis le brocquy  and they have inspired me to get my paints out. they're kind of dreamy and eerie.

6. bright nails are my favourite

7. I think I'm a bit old but I'm really tempted by pink ends like charlotte free's. I LOVE colourful hair, I think I'd hate it after about a week on my own hair though, I'm just too indecisive! if I lived in london I think I would've made a trip to bleach by now 

8. absolutely love all the beautiful colours and quirky details in the photographs from krisatomic's time in iceland, it looks like a really interesting place to visit, and it's most definitely on my list of places to see

hope you're having a good weekend!