Tuesday, 27 September 2011

gold shoes (spend/save)

i'm obsessed with miu miu's glittery shoes at the moment, but as i could never afford £400 for those beauties, maybe topshop will save the day?


  1. Ahh... I have such a thing for sparkly shoes.

  2. so pretty! i've been in the mood for glittery shoes too, which feels really out of character for me.

    i'm gonna DIY them myself with a pair of black heels i never wear.. there are tons of tutorials online but really all you need are shoes, glitter and mod podge :)

  3. oh the miu miu shoes are so pretty (and to be honest, much prettier than the topshop ones, i don't know). I think I've seen a DIY for these somewhere on the internet and it looked pretty amazing, too!

  4. Stunning! You should do this kind of post more often, it is fun fun! X

  5. @Katrina thank you! i'm glad you like it, i'll definitely do some more like this! x

    @Hanna yes i have to agree with you, the topshop ones don't compare to the beauty of the miu miu's, but they're still v pretty! i have a feeling they'll look better on than in the picture.

    @gabrielle oh let me know how you get on with diy-ing, i would be scared to give it a go, i'm not too good at diy! i tend to make a terrible mess..

    @Sophie aah me too!

  6. i have a feeling that the diy will look pretty for a few seconds directly after you've finished but as soon as you start wearing them you'll start losing glitter everywhere you go. idk. i'm dubious but open-minded...