Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Hi! How are we all? I'm back from my trip to Edinburgh. I had a very lovely time seeing my very lovely family. I ate a lot of cake and did a bit of shopping, saw a lot of great art too. The city is full of culture. Not even the rain dampened our spirits! Here's a few phone photos I took wandering around:

Armstrong's vintage:

The Red Door Gallery:

Outside the modern art gallery: 

Victoria street (my favourite street):

Some work from the graphic design part of the degree show at the Edinburgh College of Art:

If you do ever get to Edinburgh you have to make a visit to The Red Door gallery, so many lovely art prints and other wonderful things. I bought a couple of Sarah McNeil's prints when I was there, I've wanted one for a while and I thought seeing them there meant it was fate! Other highlights involve being given a voucher for the MAC counter, I'm a big fan of MAC make-up, I got some lovely stuff. I also found a pair of the H&M Swedish Hasbeens, these ones- score! I love them. 
I went to see the ECA degree show which was really interesting, I thought the illustration really stood out. I picked up a couple of postcards on my way around, I loved the guys with their colourful facial hair by Laura Dixon, and the gorgeous blue paint-y one is by painting student Säde Foley whose work really caught my eye. I also had a look at the fashion, and thought Davis Vallance's designs were absolutely fantastic, so elegant and wearable, I wanted it all. 
Anyway when I got back, we decided little Ruby needed a playmate (and someone to show her how to behave) so we went and added a new member to our little family! Meet Gus! He's ridiculously gorgeous and cuddly and lovely. We're so happy to have him! Ruby isn't quite so sure, but they're getting used to each other!


  1. Oh man I love Edinburgh so much, these photos made me miss it like I totally never expected to. I always end up in bloody Glasgow! I think Edinburgh is the first city I ever fell in love with. Such a beautiful town! x

  2. I felt inclined to comment on your post. I adore your blog it is imcredibly beautiful, especially your photographs. Im currenly living in Melbourne on a little 'find my self' couple of years away from home, scotland, before going back to be a big girl. This post made me feel rediculously homesick and rather patriotic.
    Armstrong's is the most incredible cave, i went there on my first date with my beau. You captured it how my eyes see it. Bon!

  3. Aww that's lovely! What a great place to have a first date! It's a treasure trove. My mum is Scottish, and I have much more affection for Scotland than I do for England! Enjoy your time in Melbourne x

  4. Wow I might have to go just to go to that vintage store it's AMAZING! The whole city looks like it has more to offer than I could have ever imagined. I've always wanted to go to Scotland but its so far away from me. Maybe one day


  5. Looks like a fun trip. I love your illustrations you are a talented young lady.

    Marisa :)