Wednesday, 21 September 2011

the good stuff 13

yes! it's time for some good stuff, finally, here is some stuff i've enjoyed this week:

1. the make up look at 3.1 phillip lim on the flawless face of fei fei sun. love the soft sweep of silver over the eyelids

2. gorgeous shattered emerald necklace from catbird

3. a bundle of kittens! say no more

4. this 50's sailor dress is breathtaking isn't it? imagine the glamorous gal who danced about in this. i bet she looked incredible.

5. this edition of the great gatsby is pretty perfect, great design and i just love that mustard yellow at the moment

6. this card from the victoria and albert shop is very cute. i would put it on the wall over my desk and smile when i looked at it. people don't really say tickety boo enough these days do they? i'm probably going to start slipping it into my day to day conversations

7. oh gosh this clutch makes me drool. i'm obsessed with all things gold and glittery and this clutch is very gold and very glittery. apparently it's from zara but it's not on the website.. boo hoo

8. loved all the harnesses in the felder felder show, especially this light pinky coloured one over the white dress. i'm not keen on the whole 'fetish' trend, but this has transformed it into something much more delicate and feminine

9. this photograph taken by dan mcmahon backstage at jeremy laing is in refinery 29's prettiest pictures from fashion week, and i have to agree, such a lovely colour palette

10. okay, is this dress actually made from liquid gold? it's stunning! once again, my love for this might be down to my love of all things gold and glittery but hey.. it's a pretty amazing dress

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