Tuesday, 24 January 2012

January Playlist

you were all too busy with christmas and having a life to notice that i didn't make a december playlist right? well okay, sorry about that, but i've made an extra-specially nice one for january to make up for it so please forgive me! you can download it here. and please, if you enjoy the music, go and buy the albums. here's the track list:

1. little marriage - lia ices
2. bizness - tune yards
3. ayla - the maccabees 
4. a real hero  - college (feat. electric youth)
5. as i go to see janey - the middle east
6. midnight city - M83 
7. rainbows - oh land
8. plains - wye oak
9. no intention - dirty projectors
10. to a poet - first aid kit
11. dreaming - mayer hawthorne 
12. raconte-moi histoire - M83


cover photograph is from here


  1. Oh Land is from my country! Nice blog. :-)

  2. Loved them, thank you. Have you heard of her? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFvzv1h3UHk&ob=av2e