Monday, 30 January 2012

The Makers Project

being a bit nosey is just part of human nature isn't it? i'm pretty nosey myself when it comes to people's homes and studios, and i especially love being able to peek into creative workspaces. jennifer causey photographs the inspiring spaces of various creative types in brooklyn. so far she has photographed the studios of designers, artists, jewellery makers, printmakers, all sorts of awesome people. i love seeing how they all work and what they surround themselves with to help them feel inspired. 

it's fair to say i've spent a lot of time thinking about my future dream studio after seeing these. go to the makers project website to see all of the wonderful photos.

if you like these i would also highly recommend lotta jansdotter's book open studios- it's full of inspiring workspaces. 

all images jennifer causey


  1. i've read about this project some time ago and I love it. There are so many amazing studios there, it just makes me want to go and create a great place for myself as well. Do you know the website 'closet visit' (i bet you do)? it's about the closets of creative people (and stylists and everything) and it's equally awesome.

  2. I really like the Capella collection on Paper & Chain! :D

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  4. ah, me either!

    i stumbled upon a wbile ago and i absolutely loved the artists' workspace! xx