Wednesday, 25 April 2012

An Instagram Birthday:

it was my 26th birthday on sunday and i think it was up there with my ~best birthdays ever~. it was crappy weather which threw my usual plans of picnicking in the countryside off a bit. that's how i've spent my birthday for the past few years and i've loved it, but alas, this year it would not stop raining, so we had to come up with a plan b. we ended up popping over to birmingham, and we stayed in the coolest little apartment ever. it was on the 18th floor of the rotunda (the rotunda is an iconic old building in brum, and it's been recently refurbished, with serviced apartments on the top floors) and the views were amazing. i would highly recommend staying there if you're ever in the area (this is where we stayed). i went to uni in birmingham and i know it well, but i'd never seen the city like this- it was pretty special. we went out for dinner in a south american restaurant called bodega and the food was so so good. then we ended our night at the electric cinema, which is the uk's oldest working cinema, curled up on the sofas, ate ice cream and watched the cabin in the woods. it was an all round awesome birthday. i loved it.

tea & croissants in bed / new leah goren iphone case from iconemesis

the stinky sunday bakers made me this amazing cake! yum / ray bans & the gentlewoman from paul- love!

our bed in the clouds / amazing views

a dark 'n' stormy / views at night 
a present to myself - ring from kaye blegvad / a present from my lovely best mate, this amazing vamoose lava bead necklace

all images are from my instagram.


  1. i am so jealous of it all! looks like you had a beautiful day (LOVE the phone case, the cake and your ring!) happy birthday! x

  2. happy birthday! That ring is so great, and I love the vamoose jewellery - this necklace is a beaut. (I'm typing this on my iPhone and stupid predictive text kept changing vamoose to vampire. Eurgh).

  3. Happy birthday! Gorgeous pictures!

  4. Amazing pics you captured!!! Love your lovely ring, the views from your room!!! Ana happy birthday!!:D
    Maybe you will likeray ban sunglasses !!

  5. Aww, happy belated birthday! The KB ring is a great self-present. I'd love to get one at some point. X

  6. I love all the photossss! :)
    Love from Malaysia!

    Sarah Halimi