Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Elle Girl Korea

look! i'm in elle girl korea! i did a little interview with them about my favourite magazines. i happen to be a magazine addict/hoarder, so this was pretty sweet. i can't read korean (i wish i could, the magazine looks amazing!) so who knows if it makes sense. i did keep a copy of the interview in english though, so hopefully this is pretty much what it says:

please introduce yourself to elle girl korea 

my name is ismay ozga, i live in worcester, england, i’m 25 and i’m an illustrator and I have a jewellery company with my best friend called paper & chain. 

please pick your favorite 5 magazines (fashion, art, design and so on)?

elle, oh comely, love, i-D, lizzy stewart's solo

specially what kind of elements do you like of those magazines each by each? (interview, fashion photoshoots, columns, layout, design, the publisher...)

elle is so fantastic for fashion, it’s full of beautiful clothes, and I always love the covers. oh comely is a really lovely little magazine with pretty illustrations and interesting articles with creative people, I love the whole look. love only comes out twice a year which makes it more exciting when it finally arrives- it’s huge and it’s full of amazing editorials. i-D is awesome for art, music and unique photos. solo is a zine made by the artist lizzy stewart- it's a little illustrated diary of her day to day life and it's just so funny and sweet.

what is the last magazine that you bought?

the last magazine i bought was the latest issue of oh comely- i haven’t had time to read it yet, i’m waiting for a quiet evening!

what kind of culture are you interested in? (literature, film, art, music..)

all of the above! i love books and reading especially.

what do you do at the weekend?

at the weekends i like to go for walks in the countryside, go for a cup of tea and maybe to a flea market, then come home, read, browse the internet and write posts for my blog.

where is your favorite place?

my favourite place to be is at home with my boyfriend and my cats, or on top of the malvern hills looking at the views.

do you like a musician/actor or actress/author ?

right now i love first aid kit, and i’m reading haruki murakami’s iQ84- i’m a big fan of his books.

what kind of fashion items do you usually wear? 

i always wear jeans, silky shirts and boots. in the summer i like light dresses and long skirts.

what is your latest bookmark list? (web)

i like pinterest for sharing inspiration, booooooom! is the best website for discovering new artists,  a favourite blog is miss moss- she has the best taste in art and fashion. i also like vanessa jackman’s street style blog, she takes really lovely understated photos. 


  1. wow - this sure looks good!

  2. Ooh, exciting! I've never picked up a Korean Elle Girl (what with not speaking Korean) but it looks like a lovely magazine.

  3. ooh, it looks lovely. I was more so wondering where you got those stamps in the first photograph, though?! they are gorgeous!